New Template for my blog!

Gee...Did you like this new design of my blog? I just love it!! The blue background is just simply so beautiful. My poor blog, which I have abandon for so long. I hope I will put more effort into this blog again, especially sharing the details of what my boys do at their playgroup with all of you here again.

Lazy to take pictures

I must admit that I no longer so actively taking pictures of my kids again now. During QQ's time, I count take at least a video clip a day to capture her growing up but unfortunately, I do not do that anymore for the boys. Sounds so unfair right? I hope by having my new bought camera, I'll be more actively posting their pictures again.

Stubborn kids

Although I am still sane enough not to take my life away, escaping from all the madness at home, I think I need medical and drugs help to keep myself mentally sane. I feel it is really too mentally challenging for me to manage the frequent cries and wailing of the boys plus the stubornness of my first child that almost makes me vomit blood most of the time.

If God has given me a body that is fit to take care of a pair of crazy twins, I think it is only fair that He gives me a stable mind to control my mental state as well. Really can’t wait for the boys to grow up a little faster so I can quickly dump them all away, into daycare and gain back my life again!

Using a DSLR

Before I returned the Nikon D90 to my brother, I brought the boys to a nearby park and did some shooting again. Boy, it was hot and too tiring. I hate our weather now and I remembered it wasn’t so hot when I was younger! (or is it I have higher body heat now that I am bigger and fatter?)

Also, I realised it is not as easy to do photography with young little boys, which still requires a lot of attention, in terms of feeding, carrying them. So I have decided a heavy camera like that is definitely not for me. No time to focus and care for the expensive camera as I need to place my full attention to the boys during outing.

Might consider a 4/3 later, if budget permits.

Science Centre for the kids

We took the opportunity to visit the Science Centre at Bukit Damansara 2 weeks back while they were having this Free Entry promotion for the month of April. It was a great opportunity to expose QQ to science as she frequently have difficult questions to ask about science and the universe. However most of the things exhibit there is still difficult for her to understand at this age.

Into playgroup again

Am so happy to go back to playgroup again. No, it isn’t the playgroup at the venue, Sg.Long Buddhist Society, where I used to organised.

Instead I brought the boys to join a friend, to join this playgroup, a Christian based one, situated near our place. Here we parents do not have to go on duty roster. Instead everything (from free play, circling time, snack, cafts) is prepared upfront, and there are 3 helpers to run the play and we only have to pay a minimal fee of Rm15 fee / kid/month.

It is easy for the boys, as they could speak, communicate to anyone unlike their shy sister. It was really fun for them. However we did not take any pictures this round (shy coz its the first time for us there, also). Shall take some pictures and share with you again next week.

Improvement in study

QQ's school homework is getting harder these days. I realised that I have neglected her a lot recently as she was getting it all wrong at her ejaan and "ding xie". Initially I thought she is such a slow learner but as I put more effort into teaching and guiding her, she seems able to catch up easily and learn quicker too. Even her results in school got better. Am really proud of her improvement, although she might not be the best in school :)

Attending playgroup again

We are finally attending playgroup again! I am joining some playgroup run by some organisation, starting next Tuesday where the boys are starting to attend playgroup. Some asked if I will be start running the one at Buddhist Society. Although I wish to, but I think timing is not right yet as I will need to do a lot preparation for that. Will see how it goes with the boys first for the first month. Can't wait to go next Tuesday!

Playgroup resume soon...YAY!!

It has been months, oh months since I update myself on this blog. Horrible me! And time flies and my boys will be 2 very soon. I hope I'll have more free time once they are older and easier to manage. Oh yes, did I tell you that our playgroup will resume again as soon as the boys reaches 2. I hope to update about our playgroup again here, once we get it started in September 2010.

What's up with Mama Patch

I am starting to worry as my boys are now taking too much of my time. Instead of spending more hours in front of the laptop, now I have to chase them all day long. I can only run to my laptop once in a while to check and reply urgent emails/orders. Since my neighbour is hospitalized now, I had to send QQ to school myself and even pick up her and some neighbour’s kids. Sometimes I even take more than 24 hours to reply emails, which can be quite embarrassing especially when I am running on online business.

Updates on Mama Patch Ring Slings

Some new Designer Pocket Ring sling, order customized by the customers
I get more orders for Ring Sling with Pockets nowadays as compare to the silk (which is still my favourite). Guess it is more convenient to wear a sling with pocket so we can at least go “free-hand” as we ladies hardly has pocket on our pants. As we allow customer to mix match the pocket prints and the color of the sling they want, they can really amaze me with the combination of des…

My laptop is dying

I can’t believe it. Since last Saturday, my 2.5 years Lenovo laptop has totally died on me,with no sign of power supply when I press on the ON button. Not sure if it is the adapter that is not working or my laptop that had passed away. I hope it does not as I have not saved all my work details onto my external drive.

What I am really sad is that I just spent RM200 to replace a new keyboard on my laptop. I should have gotten an external keyboard and attached to it instead of getting an original one from Lenovo :(

Sigh…won’t be able to go online for the time being.

Great picnic at Damai

Anyone saw me in Facebook already knows how *burning and exploding* mad I was a few days back. Anyhow I had a great weekend at the Damai Picnic and I shall share the happy thing first.

Really, I did not expect this picnic to be so fun, especially for the kids (how I wish I am a kid again!) There are so many activities arranged for kids

* fresh cupcake decoration kids can decorate (a small fee for children activities will be charged)
* arts and crafts for kids
* story telling

besides yummy BBQ and great talks/demo going around for the adults. Those who have not turned out, you have really miss this one. But if you are into babywearing, we will have another babywearing gathering soon, on this Sunday at Tiny Tapir, Ampang Park.