Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Stubborn kids

Although I am still sane enough not to take my life away, escaping from all the madness at home, I think I need medical and drugs help to keep myself mentally sane. I feel it is really too mentally challenging for me to manage the frequent cries and wailing of the boys plus the stubornness of my first child that almost makes me vomit blood most of the time.

If God has given me a body that is fit to take care of a pair of crazy twins, I think it is only fair that He gives me a stable mind to control my mental state as well. Really can’t wait for the boys to grow up a little faster so I can quickly dump them all away, into daycare and gain back my life again!

Using a DSLR

Before I returned the Nikon D90 to my brother, I brought the boys to a nearby park and did some shooting again. Boy, it was hot and too tiring. I hate our weather now and I remembered it wasn’t so hot when I was younger! (or is it I have higher body heat now that I am bigger and fatter?)

Also, I realised it is not as easy to do photography with young little boys, which still requires a lot of attention, in terms of feeding, carrying them. So I have decided a heavy camera like that is definitely not for me. No time to focus and care for the expensive camera as I need to place my full attention to the boys during outing.

Might consider a 4/3 later, if budget permits.