Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Into playgroup again

Am so happy to go back to playgroup again. No, it isn’t the playgroup at the venue, Sg.Long Buddhist Society, where I used to organised.

Instead I brought the boys to join a friend, to join this playgroup, a Christian based one, situated near our place. Here we parents do not have to go on duty roster. Instead everything (from free play, circling time, snack, cafts) is prepared upfront, and there are 3 helpers to run the play and we only have to pay a minimal fee of Rm15 fee / kid/month.

It is easy for the boys, as they could speak, communicate to anyone unlike their shy sister. It was really fun for them. However we did not take any pictures this round (shy coz its the first time for us there, also). Shall take some pictures and share with you again next week.

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