Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Science Centre for the kids

We took the opportunity to visit the Science Centre at Bukit Damansara 2 weeks back while they were having this Free Entry promotion for the month of April. It was a great opportunity to expose QQ to science as she frequently have difficult questions to ask about science and the universe. However most of the things exhibit there is still difficult for her to understand at this age.

Into playgroup again

Am so happy to go back to playgroup again. No, it isn’t the playgroup at the venue, Sg.Long Buddhist Society, where I used to organised.

Instead I brought the boys to join a friend, to join this playgroup, a Christian based one, situated near our place. Here we parents do not have to go on duty roster. Instead everything (from free play, circling time, snack, cafts) is prepared upfront, and there are 3 helpers to run the play and we only have to pay a minimal fee of Rm15 fee / kid/month.

It is easy for the boys, as they could speak, communicate to anyone unlike their shy sister. It was really fun for them. However we did not take any pictures this round (shy coz its the first time for us there, also). Shall take some pictures and share with you again next week.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Improvement in study

QQ's school homework is getting harder these days. I realised that I have neglected her a lot recently as she was getting it all wrong at her ejaan and "ding xie". Initially I thought she is such a slow learner but as I put more effort into teaching and guiding her, she seems able to catch up easily and learn quicker too. Even her results in school got better. Am really proud of her improvement, although she might not be the best in school :)

Attending playgroup again

We are finally attending playgroup again! I am joining some playgroup run by some organisation, starting next Tuesday where the boys are starting to attend playgroup. Some asked if I will be start running the one at Buddhist Society. Although I wish to, but I think timing is not right yet as I will need to do a lot preparation for that. Will see how it goes with the boys first for the first month. Can't wait to go next Tuesday!