Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Great picnic at Damai

Anyone saw me in Facebook already knows how *burning and exploding* mad I was a few days back. Anyhow I had a great weekend at the Damai Picnic and I shall share the happy thing first.

Really, I did not expect this picnic to be so fun, especially for the kids (how I wish I am a kid again!) There are so many activities arranged for kids

* fresh cupcake decoration kids can decorate (a small fee for children activities will be charged)
* arts and crafts for kids
* story telling

besides yummy BBQ and great talks/demo going around for the adults. Those who have not turned out, you have really miss this one. But if you are into babywearing, we will have another babywearing gathering soon, on this Sunday at Tiny Tapir, Ampang Park.