Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Updates on my lil men

Almost abondoned blog here.

Just some update on my boys:
Despite already one year old, my punk hair twin boys only have hairs in the middle of their head. Not sure why, they are still almost hairless. At their 2nd pnuemmococal jab yesterday (we were poorer by Rm560 again this round visit), their weight and height was found below average (chart slopping downward). Doctor was a bit concern and asked to do a blood test to check on their iron deficiency. Bills on jabs are already too high so I though it is not neccessary to do the test. Furthermore, insufficient in iron is normal for breastfed babies, right?


Alice Phua said...

Me too, my baby who was depending fully on breastmilk plus solid food (before 1 yr old) also start seeing his weight gain chart on a downward trend starting from about 5 to 6 months old. Then by 12 months old, the paediatrician says his weight gain is gone case already and so recommended him to drink Pediasure. And sure enough his weight increased by 500g within about half a month's time. But Pediasure is expensive, but no choice loh! Still have to spend.

Alice Phua said...

Gave you a Googly ss$mile today! Hope you'll smile back at me! :-)