Thursday, July 30, 2009

Low confident child

First my girl thinks that “specky is UGLY”. Then recently, she refuse to join the kids for games at her best friend’s birthday party in Mac Donald.

Last weekend it was the second time QQ was invited to attend a birthday party at Mac D. Just like the first time, she refuse to sit in with her friends, but instead “kepit” under my wings with sitting with the parents. When games started, Iris came over to pull her hand to play, but she just refuse (although I tried to bring her out to hold her friend’s hands). The moment, I let go, she will run back to me like a small little children.

I am really sad to see my girl behave this way. Although she is now already 2nd year in pre-school, can see that her confident level is way too low compare to kids her age. Now I am tempted to enroll her into after school classes so that she can mix with more people without me around.

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