Thursday, July 30, 2009

Avoiding crowded places

Afraid of going to crowded places, it has been quite sometime since we went to the mall. Since it was quite boring on last weekend, hubby suggested we go out but my little girl insisted on having us wearing mask. I am really amaze to learn that she has so much awareness on H1N1 after teacher talk to them about (such as proper way to wash hands, avoiding crowded places and such).

Aiyo…if wanna wear mask, might as well we stay at home, right? Furthermore, how to get my 2 boys to wear mask ler? Eh, we have not get insurance for our kids ler. Since we do not have the budget to increase our monthly premium, we are actually under insured with our current policy. How I wish the life insurance rates are made more affordable for big families like ours.

Playing with Illustrator

I just realise I can really do pretty well when it comes to artwork design. Realizing it is time that Mama Patch comes out with proper leaflet since the products are already in the stores, I decided to design and print some promotional media as give outs.

It is actually my first time using the Illustrator, and to my surprise, it can be quite easy to use as compare to Adobe Photoshop. Stay tune for more updates on what I have done for Mama Patch.

Picnic with Tiny Tapir

Not knowing what to do on weekends? Take advantage of Tiny Tapir’s lovely grass at their bungalow @ Damai and have a picnic with your family ( some picnic cloths provided). The event is FREE lots of activity for yourself and your children too.

Things to do

* fresh cupcake decoration kids can decorate (a small fee for children activities will be charged)
* arts and crafts for kids
* story telling
* muay thai exhibition
* demo classes for Jewelry making (adults)
* demo classes for Scrapbooking (adults)
* demo classes for making cloth pads (women only!)
* demo class for bento making!

If you wants to learn more about babywearing, there is a section for babywearing talk upstairs, organised by carrier makers. To find out more, read details here

KAM snap press

Guess what I have got recently?

During my birthday last week, I decided to make a small investment for Mama Patch and I got myself a KAM Snap Press for my sewing project. It is indeed a very heavy chunk of metal and now I can easily apply snaps for Mama Patch cloth pad, bags and even repair my kids cloth diapers. If you have anything which requires snap press service, just send over your kids project and I’ll help you to apply the snaps onto your projects :)

33rd birthday

This is the 2nd year I celebrate my birthday with 3 kids. For dinner, I just prepared nasi lemak for the family. Told hubby not to get any cake but instead he came back home with 3 big slices of cake from Secret Recipe.

Initially I wanted to go to spend a nice weekend at the Japanese buffet (heard so much about this place), but after a second thought, it is really too pricey to spend for a meal like this. Furthermore, it might be difficult also for us to eat in peace since 2 boys will be making lots of noise. Better save the money and go later when they are bigger.

Low confident child

First my girl thinks that “specky is UGLY”. Then recently, she refuse to join the kids for games at her best friend’s birthday party in Mac Donald.

Last weekend it was the second time QQ was invited to attend a birthday party at Mac D. Just like the first time, she refuse to sit in with her friends, but instead “kepit” under my wings with sitting with the parents. When games started, Iris came over to pull her hand to play, but she just refuse (although I tried to bring her out to hold her friend’s hands). The moment, I let go, she will run back to me like a small little children.

I am really sad to see my girl behave this way. Although she is now already 2nd year in pre-school, can see that her confident level is way too low compare to kids her age. Now I am tempted to enroll her into after school classes so that she can mix with more people without me around.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Updates on my lil men

Almost abondoned blog here.

Just some update on my boys:
Despite already one year old, my punk hair twin boys only have hairs in the middle of their head. Not sure why, they are still almost hairless. At their 2nd pnuemmococal jab yesterday (we were poorer by Rm560 again this round visit), their weight and height was found below average (chart slopping downward). Doctor was a bit concern and asked to do a blood test to check on their iron deficiency. Bills on jabs are already too high so I though it is not neccessary to do the test. Furthermore, insufficient in iron is normal for breastfed babies, right?