Friday, April 10, 2009

New hosting for De Moments

From the first day I decided to use WP, I never had an easy life with it. First time I got a stranger helping me to set up this humble blog of mine. Then I kacau Papajoneh to do the auto upgrade for me.

And now, since I am having my blogs hosted seperately, it is best (and cheaper) to combine into one hosting. I should have migrated this blog from another host when I signed up with Exa during their sale promotion (which accepts Addon Domains). I just did not have the courage to do so last year, afraid that I might lost everything when migration is being done. How true it is, if I am the one who do the migration this time. So instead of having me doing it (initially was guided by CP), eventually it was ALL done solely by Chooi Peng (guess she just could not stand talking IT to someone like me anymore). I must admit that she has been a great teacher, guiding me here and there, but I guess I am just too lousy to understand how this whole madness works.

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