Thursday, April 09, 2009

My greedy twin

I expected jealousy to start between the boys, but it happens even sooner than I thought.

Whenever one boy sees me carrying another, he will change his face expression to a pity look. Then he will start crying asking me to carry him too. So now, whenever I breastfeed them, I have to also feed another at the same time. Unlike when they were younger, tt is not that difficult to feed 2 babies at the same time as I can just “drag and adjust” their limbs and bodies to me easily since they are harder on their bones.

There are lots of funny position that I can think of when feeding them, particular Di-di. He would sometimes climb over me, going round like a clock. Sometimes they poke each other in eyes, and sometimes they pull hairs and ears of another party. At one time, he even pushed poor Kor-kor away, and continue helping himself with Kor-kor’s meal!

Each breastfeeding moment is such a memorable experience for me. If only I could have pictures to share…, but hmm….it is so difficult. *hint hint to Jazzmint and Sue’s help on our next photography session*

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Alice Phua said... cute their antics are! it survival instinct!