Sunday, April 12, 2009

Feeding 2

I just can’t help but feeling proud of myself that I am still able to breastfeed the boys now, at 10 months. I know, it sounds almost unbelievable to most as it takes a lot of effort to successfully breastfeed one baby, what’s more feeding two.

Yesterday while running my errands, I was talking to some ladies while waiting for my food and they commented that my twins must be “pricey” in terms of spending on milk powder and disposable diapers. Not wanting to explain in details about cloth diapering in a hot coffee shop, I just merely tell them they are not that expensive, apart from being difficult to take care of. Reason is because they are still on breastmilk only, and we have not invest a single sen on formula as of today.

Guess where their eyes go to immediately after that?

*common reaction*
I bet anyone listen to my answer would shift their eyes to my body part to find out if I am that BIG to be able to feed TWO! Hey, I know you are now imagine how I look …….Ok… I admit, they are rather small after all!

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