Thursday, February 12, 2009

Words from a selfish mother

My days are getting packed as the boys grow. I hardly have a chance to sit in front of my computer leisurely nowadays as compare to before. They need my attention, I know and I should be grateful that I have a chance to be their parents, watching them grow at home with my own eyes. It is my personal choice to let go of my own freedom, to be a stay-at-home mum in the first place. Nothing can be more precious than spending time with my own kids, be it letting go of my own time and privacy.

I do still feel remorse over the incident which happened 2 days ago. I still feel bad and ashamed over how an adult with a right mind can behave in this way. I keep on reminding myself that I am lucky that I still able to get up in the next morning, with all my children safe beside me. GOD creates them and put them in my hands so that I could love and nourish them. HE has put his trust on me to take care of them and raise them, to love them and to cherish them. After all, these little helpless children have not done anything wrong. All they want is mummy's warm hug for comfort and milk when they feels hungry. All they need is mummy's attention and love.

I learn my lesson. I do, I really do.

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Kristie said...

mummy dont worry ok... ur kids love u no matter what! :)