Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lampe Berger oils

I am a long term user of the Lampe Berger and over the past few years, it has bring tremendous benefit to my family. Besides health effect, I find practically useful to freshen up the air when we cook. Hubby loves to freshen up the air at home, especially when someone is sick or whenever we have friends coming over.

I am doing some housekeeping on what I have. I still have some unused that I would like to sell, since I will be getting some new scents. Let me know if you know anyone interested in them. See here for details.

I have a very useful list on how to mix the oils for special effects. Must save it here so that I can refer and retrieve it easily when I need them.

Rose D’Iris + Ocean (2:1) Promotes alertness, improves concentration, calming of confused mind.
Rose D’Iris + Citronelle Insomnia, promotes good sleep, improves general health, reduce pimples, if added to bath can aid slimming.
Rose D’Iris + Lavender Soothes agitation, eases stress, helps ease effects of menopause, eases heart palpitation
Rose D’Iris + Sandalwood Helps in acne/blackhead problems, creates romantic ambience, aphrodisiac
Sandalwood + Lavender Improves general mood
Citronelle + Lavender Stabilizes blood pressure, eases migraine, clears blocked
nasal passage, sinus, relieves stress, mild insomnia, if added to bath can relieve stiff neck
Ocean + Bouquet Provencal Aids in reducing pimples
Citronelle + Mint Improves general mood, promotes good sleep, stabilizes blood pressure, assists stroke patients, invigorating
Eucalyptus + Citronelle Relieves stress, relaxes tired eye muscles, helps sensitive nose
Eucalyptus + Chypre Relieves coughing, aids smokers
Eucalyptus + Sandalwood Relieves coughing, aids indigestion, aids kidney related problems, urinary tract problems
Eucalyptus + Mint Relieves throat irritation, dry throat, tonsillitis
Eucalyptus + Lavender Reduces snoring, stabilizes blood pressure, aids in irregular heart beat for people above 45
Eucalyptus + Rose D’Iris (2:1) Promotes alertness, esp. for smoker, aids in stiff neck caused by smoking
Eucalyptus + Ocean Promotes alertness, aids in smooth breathing, improves memory, aids slow learners
Eucalyptus + Citronelle + Mint Relieves colds/ running nose/ blocked nose, soothes, respiratory tract
Eucalyptus + Lavender + Mint Reduces, relieves running nose, sinus stabilizes blood pressure, promotes good sleep
Eucalyptus + Chypre + Mint + Bouquet Provencal Relieves muscles aches and muscles fatigue
Eucalyptus + Lavender + Mint + Bouquet Provencal Relieves rheumatism and arthritis
Eucalyptus + Chypre + Citronelle Relieves fever
Anti-bacterian Used daily: can eliminate 90% of bacteria.For detox: expect to experience loose stools
Eucalyptus + Citronelle + Ambre Can improve weak respiratory system
Pyrethre Can help with high cholesterol and constipation
Ocean + Patchouli Reduces stress and balances the nervous system
Patchouli Helps with hyperactive children
Green Tea + Chevrefuille + Pyrethre Assists in detoxification (common detox side effects are nose bleed and excess mucus) Aids in appendicitis
Eucalyptus + Sandalwood + Foret Aids Iin diabetes
Lavanda + Pyrethre Aids in healing wounds (including after surgery)
Rose et Jasmine Relieves water retention and helps with weakness after childbirth. Helps to relieve pain afer surgery.
Patchouli + Pyrethre Aids in lupus
Patchouli + Mer d”Irose + Pyrethre Aids in detox process of drug addicts (rashes)
Pyrethre + Green Tea + Apple + Lavenda + Chevrefuille + Foret Aids in weak heart or low pulse rate
Eu de Foret Helps to strengthen internal organs
Rose + Patchouli Aids in depression
Foret + Apple Helps to relieve gastric conditions
Bouquet Provencal + Patchouli Helps with mentally weak individuals
Citronelle + Patchouli Aids with weak bladders
Eucalyptus + Green Tea + Pyrethre Helps with sensitive nose

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