Friday, February 27, 2009

Di-di is down with flu

Just shortly after Kor-kor’s recovery from Roseola, again I got to endure another series of sleepless night. This time it is Di-di! Surprisingly Roseola did not get him (although they share their milk supply, you know what I mean), but he is down with flu since 2 days ago. Poor baby Then could not drink well, and sleep too, as his nose is badly blocked.

It is only since yesterday night he could sleep better after taking the flu medicine. I know flu bugs are inevitable in every childhood, but can’t it just spare me a few moments of recovery after the last episode? Arrgh…..I kept on asking myself, what is the use of being chubby and cute while they not blessed with good health?

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Kristie said...

i hope they are both feeling better! cheer up mummy :)