Friday, February 27, 2009

Older me

Unlike before, now I get tired easily. Probably it is because if the boys, or probably age is catching up. I must admit that I was not as energetic as before. We used to shop for hours before the arrival of our twin boys. During my schooling days, I could reach the shopping malls before it opens and leave only when it was about to close. I miss those energy, I miss those momentum!

Di-di is down with flu

Just shortly after Kor-kor’s recovery from Roseola, again I got to endure another series of sleepless night. This time it is Di-di! Surprisingly Roseola did not get him (although they share their milk supply, you know what I mean), but he is down with flu since 2 days ago. Poor baby Then could not drink well, and sleep too, as his nose is badly blocked.

It is only since yesterday night he could sleep better after taking the flu medicine. I know flu bugs are inevitable in every childhood, but can’t it just spare me a few moments of recovery after the last episode? Arrgh…..I kept on asking myself, what is the use of being chubby and cute while they not blessed with good health?

Work again?

It is indeed quite challenging to be a full time mother. Instead of being able to sit and communicate in front of my laptop, now I have to spend more time with the boys. Although they still cannot crawl, they definitely cannot sit quietly in one place for long anymore. They wanna be carried after playing for awhile. Even attention spam is shorter now and they cannot play with one toy for long. Sometimes I really feel like giving up and run away these madness to go out to work instead. I don't know, I really don't know now.

Bento-ing again

I start to put effort to make pretty bentos for QQ again. So inspired by, I hope to be able to create presentable meals for my little one. She still prefer to eat only meat, and bread is still her favourite. It is not easy to decorate a nice lunch box without any greens. I hope by making her cute food, she will slowly likes to take more greens from now onwards.

I also WANT!

After a long, long wait, finally the boys are able to play with their sister now. At almost 8 months, now they love to snatch things from each other. Whenever the boys see their sister playing with something, they would love to have it on their hands too. Little Di-di is even worse as he can chase his sister around the house. Thank goodness he is still in his walker, therefore his movement is a bit constraint. I cannot imagine what it would be like when the boys are able to walk independently on their own, very very soon!

I want that!

I hear a lot of request from QQ nowadays. Unlike when she was younger, it is easier for her peers to influence her now. Whenever she sees what her friends have, she will come back and start to push me into getting one for her. When I refuse, she will start to get angry, and most of the time even pour her anger back at me. I cannot really blame her, but I do hope to be able to change the way she thinks. I can only blame it on myself that she has my gene!

Still not crawling

They still do not start crawling :) Maybe we hardly put them down on the floor, instead they were in their walker all the time. Hubby just made me realize how unsafe it is to put them down in our hall as the floor tiling was not done properly. There are many sharp corners between the joints which may cut their delicate skin if the crawl on their tummy. But we still need to put them down, don't we? Sigh....if only we can afford to do timber flooring on our whole floor for the kids!

Crazy milk drinker

I am a heavy milk drinker. I drink at least 2 cups of milk everyday since I was young.

When I got pregnant with QQ, my mum advised me to drink the Ensure Milk from Abbott (she even bought it for me). It is highly nutritious and expensive soy milk (even suitable for be used as meal replacement). With the high nutrition, not sure if it is fattening (I hope I will not need to take diet pills after consuming this. However I could not tolerate the taste of soy at my first pregnancy.

A tin of 1000g cost about RM55. My mum and her friends who drank this milk during their pregnancy swears by it. I drank a lot when I carried my twin boys. Now the boys are blessed with fair and smooth skin :)

Sweet smelling Mama

Although the boys still on direct breastfeeding, they love to drink plain water from milk bottle (I use Dr Baby smelly rubber teats). I introduce bottle to them quite some time ago as I afraid they would not accept bottle milk when they grow up in future. I tried giving them formula through bottle (just for fun to see if I can escape from breastfeeding at times) but they throw out upon sucking it. *No luck escaping from the boys*. At this moment, they are still very attached to me. The only time I can escape is during their morning porridge feed (that is the only 2 hours I zoom out to do my facial treatment). Taking solid now could at least keep their little tummy filled for a while before they decided to sniff and smell Mummy again….

Bond blogging

I made lots of wonderful friends through my blogging journey. It is amazing that blogging mummies can get so close together with each other although we have not met each other. Blogging has enable most of us to read about each other, understand and share what each of us are going through. Thanks, friend, I would not be able to survive at home with the kids without the support and a shoulder to cry on with all of you!

Lion Dance

My little girl fancy the Lion Dance very much ever since she was young. She has a mini head and she used to perform lion dance with her father behind her. She even stay up late at night now to watch the NTV7 local drama series just because of the Lion dance.

This year her school organised one during their CNY celebration. I was there too, taking videos with my camcorder with one hand while another hand closing my son’s ear!

It is indeed difficult to bring the Bumbo Boys out to crowded area like that without hubby. I even had to reach school 30mins earlier, just to make sure I get a good parking right in front of the school so that I would not have to go round in the housing area looking for a space.

Difference between the boys

As the twin boys grow, I notice that their real character begins to show more. One has more traits of mummy and one has more trait of daddy. Can guess who? It is so difficult to take care of didi as he gets really angry and scream all his might when mummy goes away. Korkor on the other hand will cry but not as loud as didi. Poor Korkor, I can see that he will be his little brother's victim in future!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sleeping with 3 kids

Before the twin boys were born, I have been cracking my head thinking how the earth should I sleep with 3 kids + breastfeeding 2 boys at the same time. Since birth the boys were with me on the king size bed until we run out of space (got to separate them as they start to turn 360 degree and kick each other). I tried putting one baby in cot and QQ on the king size bed with one baby. She ended up kicking her poor brother :(

Therefore our arrangement obstacles are:
* 3 kids have to be separated into their own beds
* All side must be railed so that they do not roll down

Even small matter like that makes my parenting journey so challenging. Not easy when you have twins yeah...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lampe Berger oils

I am a long term user of the Lampe Berger and over the past few years, it has bring tremendous benefit to my family. Besides health effect, I find practically useful to freshen up the air when we cook. Hubby loves to freshen up the air at home, especially when someone is sick or whenever we have friends coming over.

I am doing some housekeeping on what I have. I still have some unused that I would like to sell, since I will be getting some new scents. Let me know if you know anyone interested in them. See here for details.

I have a very useful list on how to mix the oils for special effects. Must save it here so that I can refer and retrieve it easily when I need them.

Rose D’Iris + Ocean (2:1) Promotes alertness, improves concentration, calming of confused mind.
Rose D’Iris + Citronelle Insomnia, promotes good sleep, improves general health, reduce pimples, if added to bath can aid slimming.
Rose D’Iris + Lavender Soothes agitation, eases stress, helps ease effects of menopause, eases heart palpitation
Rose D’Iris + Sandalwood Helps in acne/blackhead problems, creates romantic ambience, aphrodisiac
Sandalwood + Lavender Improves general mood
Citronelle + Lavender Stabilizes blood pressure, eases migraine, clears blocked
nasal passage, sinus, relieves stress, mild insomnia, if added to bath can relieve stiff neck
Ocean + Bouquet Provencal Aids in reducing pimples
Citronelle + Mint Improves general mood, promotes good sleep, stabilizes blood pressure, assists stroke patients, invigorating
Eucalyptus + Citronelle Relieves stress, relaxes tired eye muscles, helps sensitive nose
Eucalyptus + Chypre Relieves coughing, aids smokers
Eucalyptus + Sandalwood Relieves coughing, aids indigestion, aids kidney related problems, urinary tract problems
Eucalyptus + Mint Relieves throat irritation, dry throat, tonsillitis
Eucalyptus + Lavender Reduces snoring, stabilizes blood pressure, aids in irregular heart beat for people above 45
Eucalyptus + Rose D’Iris (2:1) Promotes alertness, esp. for smoker, aids in stiff neck caused by smoking
Eucalyptus + Ocean Promotes alertness, aids in smooth breathing, improves memory, aids slow learners
Eucalyptus + Citronelle + Mint Relieves colds/ running nose/ blocked nose, soothes, respiratory tract
Eucalyptus + Lavender + Mint Reduces, relieves running nose, sinus stabilizes blood pressure, promotes good sleep
Eucalyptus + Chypre + Mint + Bouquet Provencal Relieves muscles aches and muscles fatigue
Eucalyptus + Lavender + Mint + Bouquet Provencal Relieves rheumatism and arthritis
Eucalyptus + Chypre + Citronelle Relieves fever
Anti-bacterian Used daily: can eliminate 90% of bacteria.For detox: expect to experience loose stools
Eucalyptus + Citronelle + Ambre Can improve weak respiratory system
Pyrethre Can help with high cholesterol and constipation
Ocean + Patchouli Reduces stress and balances the nervous system
Patchouli Helps with hyperactive children
Green Tea + Chevrefuille + Pyrethre Assists in detoxification (common detox side effects are nose bleed and excess mucus) Aids in appendicitis
Eucalyptus + Sandalwood + Foret Aids Iin diabetes
Lavanda + Pyrethre Aids in healing wounds (including after surgery)
Rose et Jasmine Relieves water retention and helps with weakness after childbirth. Helps to relieve pain afer surgery.
Patchouli + Pyrethre Aids in lupus
Patchouli + Mer d”Irose + Pyrethre Aids in detox process of drug addicts (rashes)
Pyrethre + Green Tea + Apple + Lavenda + Chevrefuille + Foret Aids in weak heart or low pulse rate
Eu de Foret Helps to strengthen internal organs
Rose + Patchouli Aids in depression
Foret + Apple Helps to relieve gastric conditions
Bouquet Provencal + Patchouli Helps with mentally weak individuals
Citronelle + Patchouli Aids with weak bladders
Eucalyptus + Green Tea + Pyrethre Helps with sensitive nose

Words from a selfish mother

My days are getting packed as the boys grow. I hardly have a chance to sit in front of my computer leisurely nowadays as compare to before. They need my attention, I know and I should be grateful that I have a chance to be their parents, watching them grow at home with my own eyes. It is my personal choice to let go of my own freedom, to be a stay-at-home mum in the first place. Nothing can be more precious than spending time with my own kids, be it letting go of my own time and privacy.

I do still feel remorse over the incident which happened 2 days ago. I still feel bad and ashamed over how an adult with a right mind can behave in this way. I keep on reminding myself that I am lucky that I still able to get up in the next morning, with all my children safe beside me. GOD creates them and put them in my hands so that I could love and nourish them. HE has put his trust on me to take care of them and raise them, to love them and to cherish them. After all, these little helpless children have not done anything wrong. All they want is mummy's warm hug for comfort and milk when they feels hungry. All they need is mummy's attention and love.

I learn my lesson. I do, I really do.

Fever again

Since Christmas last year, Kor-kor has been getting his "monthly fever" and has been put on antibiotic. Not sure the exact cause as blood test has been done, there is nothing to be found. He is always the one and I am so worried whenever I catch him hot in the middle of the night. I am really getting worry if there is some other reason that caused him feverish each month. Hope it is viral infection and nothing else.