Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Claus or Choy San?

Like any other child, QQ loves the feeling of Christmas. Although we do not celebrate Christmas, I love the feel of this magical season (probably I watch too much cartoon when I was young that makes me want to believe the existance of Santa Claus coming into home thru the chimney!)

Seeing other home so nicely decorated with Christmas tree, QQ wants one too. But of course my 'Cina-pek' hubby would not want to spend on the accessories, whats more to store it after the celebration. Here is a conversation how hubby dampen QQ's interest on Christmas.

QQ: Pa...I want to celebrate Christmas. Got Santa Clause!

Papa: CNY also got "Chai Shen Yeah" mah...(Choy San, the Money God)

QQ: Santa Claus give presents mah....

Papa: " Chai Shen Yeah" gives $$$ wor....

1 comment:

allthingspurple said...

my husb the same .haha. dowan to spend on what he deems "useless clutters" But wise in a time like this.