Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bumbo Boys @ 5 months

"Innocent look" Kor-kor at 5m2wks

Weight: 6.89kg

I am so tied up with the boys recently as they refuse to be left alone. As day passed, they get wiser (meaning naughtier too) and both want to be carried at all time (often look at me, wanting me, ONLY ME to carry them all time!)

"Cheeky face" Di-di at 5m 2wks

Weight: 6.6kg

They just had their 5th month 6-in-1 jab and 2nd dose of Rotavirus few days ago. Di-di did not gained much weight and surprisingly Kor-kor even lost weight this month*starting to worry now*. Not sure if my milk is no longer enough for them (can't help feeling very low confidence about my milk supply as they cry so frequently) or it was because they were sick for quite a period. My paed even said that breastfed babies tend to gain weight slower than formula fed babies. True ah? *scratch head* But if true how come Chanel's beautiful Ariel could gain such a good weight with only breastmilk but mine sampai loose weight?

Since they are crying so frequently (dono naughty or hungry...sigh), I plan try to introduce some solid this week to see if there is any improvement to their behaviour.

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allthingspurple said...

dont worry Chinnee, Ipumped up to 42oz ebf daily for my Ashley and she's been a string bean since she was born. haha. its genetic. Loveyour bumbo boys !!! and love the header pic !!