Friday, December 19, 2008

Nyonya Tarts

CNY is around the corner again, and this time I will to bake REAL Melaka Nyonya Pineapple tarts. Although the pineapple jam can be bought easily from bakery shops, I tell you, they do not taste as nice as compare to the Melaka Nyonya homemade ones.

I have called several Pineapple tarts maker in Melaka from Jonker Street in Melaka if they are keen to sell the cook grated pineapple, but sadly they don't (of course they are smart not too). Until I found Miche again.

Guess what, she will ask if her mum could make the paste for me this time. Geee, *so happy*.....Thanks in advance, Miche! Which means I will be able to bake real Nyonya Tarts!!

Since Miche is providing me 1kg pineapple jam, I think I might be able to produce a little bit more than what I need. If you are interested I could spare 4 boxes (only limit to 30pieces per box, Rm0.70/piece). Buzz me quick.

Happy Birthday to Kong-Kong

Last Saturday we celebrated Kong-kong's birthday while we were back in Melaka. Nothing much special for dinner, but just a cake (my favourite Mille Crepes) for the kids to blow candles (instead of their Kong-kong!).

It was the first time the boys were back in Melaka, after their birth. I was supposed to meet up with a few old friends and some bloggers in Melaka. Too bad, we did not make it as our meeting place, Dataran Pahlawan was too pack (due to the going on PC Fair!).

However Miche came over to my mum's place and we had a great chat! So good to see you again, Miche, and hey, you look good with your bump ler... (at least can see you gain some "inches" at the right place, haha!)

Santa Claus or Choy San?

Like any other child, QQ loves the feeling of Christmas. Although we do not celebrate Christmas, I love the feel of this magical season (probably I watch too much cartoon when I was young that makes me want to believe the existance of Santa Claus coming into home thru the chimney!)

Seeing other home so nicely decorated with Christmas tree, QQ wants one too. But of course my 'Cina-pek' hubby would not want to spend on the accessories, whats more to store it after the celebration. Here is a conversation how hubby dampen QQ's interest on Christmas.

QQ: Pa...I want to celebrate Christmas. Got Santa Clause!

Papa: CNY also got "Chai Shen Yeah" mah...(Choy San, the Money God)

QQ: Santa Claus give presents mah....

Papa: " Chai Shen Yeah" gives $$$ wor....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New header for my blog

De boys enjoying their meal while holding hands

I love these special moments. With only 2 pregnancy in this life, I know I will surely miss my children's baby moments. Hubby just mentioned to me this morning that it would be perfect if could have another baby girl later when we could afford financially. But alas, I know the next would be a boy too (old people said the line on my babies tight could tell and I strongly believe in this). Since there is no chance of getting a girl naturally, we decided to put a full stop.

Babies really grow too quickly. As you can see, even my boys lost their innocent newborn look. Like any other parents out there, I want to capture as much moments and pictures with them.

I have a collection of my special moments with them, especially during breastfeeding. Of course hubby was against on posting these intimate moments here in public.

See my favorite picture on my header on my another blog, I would say, it is priceless!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bumbo Boys @ 5 months

"Innocent look" Kor-kor at 5m2wks

Weight: 6.89kg

I am so tied up with the boys recently as they refuse to be left alone. As day passed, they get wiser (meaning naughtier too) and both want to be carried at all time (often look at me, wanting me, ONLY ME to carry them all time!)

"Cheeky face" Di-di at 5m 2wks

Weight: 6.6kg

They just had their 5th month 6-in-1 jab and 2nd dose of Rotavirus few days ago. Di-di did not gained much weight and surprisingly Kor-kor even lost weight this month*starting to worry now*. Not sure if my milk is no longer enough for them (can't help feeling very low confidence about my milk supply as they cry so frequently) or it was because they were sick for quite a period. My paed even said that breastfed babies tend to gain weight slower than formula fed babies. True ah? *scratch head* But if true how come Chanel's beautiful Ariel could gain such a good weight with only breastmilk but mine sampai loose weight?

Since they are crying so frequently (dono naughty or hungry...sigh), I plan try to introduce some solid this week to see if there is any improvement to their behaviour.