Sunday, November 16, 2008

QQ is a grown up baby

Progress on QQ @4years 5 months old

Yesterday was Parent’s Day for QQ so hubby was on leave. Since I have not been seeing her teacher for quite sometime (after I gave birth to the boys), I am very happy being informed that QQ has improved a lot in school.

Academic wise
It is indeed ok for me if she still cannot recognise all her Alphabets, simple words reading or Suku Kata. I really cannot blame her as I almost neglect her studies as I am too busy with the boys at the moment. Furthermore, I just wish she enjoy schooling and her friends therefore I do not wish to push her so much on that. Not sure if it is due to the problem of her eyesight, this girl seems to perceive more with hearing as compare to seeing. She can

* remember and sing easily most of the song her teachers sang,
* spell out all her BM sukukata from A-Z although she cannot recognise them on paper/flash cards

Personality and self-being
All teachers praised her for being obedient and able to take instruction well. With a good personality, teacher commented that it will be easy to train and guide her later in life. I feel this part is more important. Although I would like her to be more daring and have more initiative. Probably due to her eyesight problem, I think she still lacks of self-confidence. A lot motivation needed so that we can help her build up her self-esteem and confidence. (How I wish I could reward her by taking her to the Disney vacations)

Conclusion, the above is good enough to make me proud. I told her that I am very happy with her, that her teacher praised her a lot too. She was so happy throughout the whole day, that she behaved well at the shopping mall after that

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