Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stupid maid who almost burn my house!

Update on our Sunday wedding. Well, QQ totally forgot about it, haha!! Instead we went nearby to do some shopping. Since it was still early and the boys were still sleeping, I got the maid to prepare the vegetables and boil ikan bilis soup out in my wet kitchen for dinner.

Guess what happened? She left the boiling soup on fire and forgot to switch it off! When we got back, my new Zebra Stainless Steel pot is totally BLACK and the fire was still on the stove!

Thank goodness we only went out for a few hours. Really cannot imagine if the whole thing exploded and my house got burn!

I was so mad as we just bought the new pot a week ago. After several rubbing, the pot base is still black now. I think I shall cut her pay if she cannot get the stain off the pot by tonight!

**fuming mad**

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