Friday, October 31, 2008

Stealing maid? Why ?

Recently our oranges, persimmons and even banana has been dissappearing quick fast from shelves. At first hubby thought I was the one eating them where I thought it was hubby.

This morning hubby was shocked to find the maid sleeping soundly on our living hall sofa when he woke up. As we calculate the fruits last night (to check if she is really stealing), 3 bananas and one persimmons went missing too this morning.

When confronted her, she said she wasn’t feeling well therefore she fell asleep, BUT ON MY SOFA, on QQ’s pillow! When asked her how many banana she took, she said 1, asked again, she said 2 and finally 3!

It is ok if she eats but we really hate it when she lies. Asked her why she lie, she said she forgot how many she ate. Now it begins to make sense how come our dinner dishes portion such as fried chicken wings and fishballs became so small. No wonder I saw part of chicken wings went missing after they were fried.

It was not the seller who gave me less, but it is the thief in my house who has eaten them while she cook! If she dare to steal fruits, she may dare to steal money too. So please teach me, how to deal with a maid like her??

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