Friday, September 12, 2008

Exclusively breastfeeding twins

After delivery

Blamed it on my stupid c-sect delivery (failure to nurse my babies in the first 48 hours), I did not give up.

During confinement

Blamed it on my stupid “dry gene” (even my inner wear is totally dry despite taking much soup during confinement), I did not give up.

Consoled myself I have got 2 babies, that is why milk is not enough, but I still not giving up.

After confinement

Called up some lactation consultant and this twin mummy for help, but even with their tips, I just cannot produce milk. Damn “boh kam wan” liao.

Every time this super twin mummy tell me she could feed her twin boys exclusively and collect 8oz each pump. Make me lagi “boh kam wan” and cannot give up.

A gynae told me she could help me, gave me a week Maxolon pills, it improves. But still need formula in between. Ahem… Am doing better for that week.

After I went to see Dr Koe due to the thrush problem (another pain I have to endure until today), I was given Domperidone hormone pills to help increase bm again. Slowly milk increase.

So when the twin reaches 2 months

YIPEE…….my dream comes true. I am very proud that I am finally producing enough of human milk for my babies!

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