Friday, September 12, 2008

De Gallery

De Gallery is my another new site, to put all the recommendation on parenting products that I love to use, or 2nd hand things that I have for sale (since I already plan to tutup kedai!).

As a mother to 3 children, with a limited budget now, I have to shop very wisely and carefully, to choose only things I find really useful, but of course, also inline with the new trend of parenting.

New baby products can be very pricey today, especially if they are the imported brands where they are known for their good quality. Since most of us only need them temporary, sometimes it would be wiser to get the 2nd hand (if they are still good and new!)

I see a demand with email inquiries coming in after I published some of my baby things for sale on this blog. Therefore De Gallery is launched to place what is available now.

Remember to check out from time to time for good bargains!

Happy Parenting

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