Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Opposite of the other?

I can't help but comparing the 2 sons each time. Some day, one can be pretty easy to take care while the other one is very demanding. It makes me feel like throwing the "demanding" one to babysitter, while I take care of the "easy" one.

But on some day, they will behave the opposite way, making our life turning upside down again. But then, at the same time, they really looks cute and it makes me feel heavy hearted to send one to babysitter. Am, still thinking, should I really send one out for these few months, to make my life easier or just be patient for a few more months?

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LindaLow said...

I'm sure every mom will feel heavy hearted to leave their baby to someone else..sometimes you really need to weight the pros n cons.. Having both of them with you is nice only if u can cope..mentally n physically..If u can't not only will you be stress out but the babies too..Think carefully...Good luck:)