Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Nights with the babies

Incredibly, I survived the last 2 nights with the babies after my CL left. On the first night, 2 of them were very coorperative and sleep after each feeding, of course, that is because they are OVER TIRED after crying during the day.

Taking care of twins can be extremely challenging. Each night my maid and I will take at least 3 hours to soothe them down in the late evening. Each time, we got to rush here and there like mad woman, making milk, dancing and singing with the wailing babies in separate rooms (so the crying one will not wake the *pengsan over tired* slept baby. By the time both of them settle down, I’ll sweat like a mad woman and need a shower again.

Of course, maid get her sleep and left me to handle to twins alone. Sometimes, when they need feeding at the same time, hb will need to assist me. As long as they continue to sleep after each feeding, I’ll be able to catch some sleep in between.

Really love looking at them, holding them tight and smelling the babies. Even miss them a lot when I go out just a few moments. I know I am surely gonna miss their little baby moments when they grow up, unless I get pregnant again, HAHAHA!!!

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1+2mom said...

Same as me, i miss them when they are baby so much. It really very tired to take care the twins by yourself at night. Sometime i also call my hubby up to help feed the babies when they wake up in the same time.

Do takecare yourself!!