Friday, August 01, 2008

Chemo for my babies?

Oh God, am I hearing it right from the doctor?

This early morning I received a follow-up call from a doctor from HUKM asking me regarding my thyroid condition and the twins. I told the Dr the twins are confirmed to have hyperthyroid based on the blood test taken on the 5th day after their delivery (could be also due to the thyroxine medication I have taken during my pregnancy). Since the blood test procedure for the babies was heart wrenching (we even did the test in private hospital so that the test will be done personally by the paed herself), I delay subsequent test which should be taken after their full moon.

Never did I thought that this Grave disease can be so serious until Dr call me this morning. Thank goodness the doctor is willing to arrange an appointment for us (blood test on me as well) as soon as possible.

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