Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Opposite of the other?

I can't help but comparing the 2 sons each time. Some day, one can be pretty easy to take care while the other one is very demanding. It makes me feel like throwing the "demanding" one to babysitter, while I take care of the "easy" one.

But on some day, they will behave the opposite way, making our life turning upside down again. But then, at the same time, they really looks cute and it makes me feel heavy hearted to send one to babysitter. Am, still thinking, should I really send one out for these few months, to make my life easier or just be patient for a few more months?

Nights with the babies

Incredibly, I survived the last 2 nights with the babies after my CL left. On the first night, 2 of them were very coorperative and sleep after each feeding, of course, that is because they are OVER TIRED after crying during the day.

Taking care of twins can be extremely challenging. Each night my maid and I will take at least 3 hours to soothe them down in the late evening. Each time, we got to rush here and there like mad woman, making milk, dancing and singing with the wailing babies in separate rooms (so the crying one will not wake the *pengsan over tired* slept baby. By the time both of them settle down, I’ll sweat like a mad woman and need a shower again.

Of course, maid get her sleep and left me to handle to twins alone. Sometimes, when they need feeding at the same time, hb will need to assist me. As long as they continue to sleep after each feeding, I’ll be able to catch some sleep in between.

Really love looking at them, holding them tight and smelling the babies. Even miss them a lot when I go out just a few moments. I know I am surely gonna miss their little baby moments when they grow up, unless I get pregnant again, HAHAHA!!!

It is all FAT!

Update about the maid.

I got her a pregnancy kit, and tested her urine. Guess what, she is not pregnant (which is also a good news). But definitely surprising that she is gaining so much weight in just one and a half month! Wonder what she have eaten here that is so different from her hometown.

Besides doing lots of housework, which I think she did also at her home, she is surely living a comfortable life here with a cleaner and better living. Furthermore she gets to enjoy better food too.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Chemo for my babies?

Oh God, am I hearing it right from the doctor?

This early morning I received a follow-up call from a doctor from HUKM asking me regarding my thyroid condition and the twins. I told the Dr the twins are confirmed to have hyperthyroid based on the blood test taken on the 5th day after their delivery (could be also due to the thyroxine medication I have taken during my pregnancy). Since the blood test procedure for the babies was heart wrenching (we even did the test in private hospital so that the test will be done personally by the paed herself), I delay subsequent test which should be taken after their full moon.

Never did I thought that this Grave disease can be so serious until Dr call me this morning. Thank goodness the doctor is willing to arrange an appointment for us (blood test on me as well) as soon as possible.