Thursday, July 03, 2008

Normal birth vs. C-sect

More bleeding for c-sect

I bleed so much after delivery as compare to my first delivery until there are few times where blood flow down my leg the moment I stand up. During QQ’s time, there wasn’t much discharge after delivery.

Not sure if this is normal (I did not wanna ask the doctor just in case they stop me from discharge), but according to some explanation, it is normal. For normal delivery, doctor korek (I mean clean) all the lochia out from vaginal but in c-sect, it is impossible for them to do that.

Extreme internal wound pain

Aiyo…normal delivery, I could already walk like normal people on 2nd day but this time for c-sect, already 4th day, my internal wound (I suppose that is the stitches of the uterus), it still sore like hell! Thank goodness they have not perform episiotomy on me during the vacum procedure otherwise I’ll suffer like mad now with 2 cuts.

Any mum with vaginal and c-sect experience can share?


Blessed mum said...

I had C-sect and u r right. with normal del, u can move the very day but with c-sect, my me goosebump even by thinking of it! I was only allowed to get down after 2nd day. The pain hor...aiyo..cannot descript but still have to walk as instructed by the doctor...

Patsy said...

I went through twice C-sect birth,my 2nd son and youngest daughter.The first c-sect was double pain with the normal birth that i insisted ,so regret.The 2nd time had to c-sect because advise by the doctor due to my age(secret).I accept the decision happily and everythings planned but my girl came 2days earlier than the date set by gynae so i still suffer the labour pain for a few hours.Well,all i want to say is that time will heal the c-sect wounds in 3 months time and you'll forget the pain day by day with your cute baby in your arm.Best wishes to both of you, take care and dont lift any heavy objects.

Patsy said...

I went through twice c-sect.1st was unexpected so i need to went through normal labour pain then to emergency c-sect,so double pain and very much regretted.The 2nd time due to my age (secret),my gynae adivise to go for c-sect,i'm happily accepted the decision but my daughter came 2 days earlier as the date planned,so still went through a few hours labour,oosh i cant bear the pain.Well,all i want to say is the wounds will heal 3 months time.Just relax yourself, you'll forget the pain day by day when you hold your cute baby.Best wishes,take good care both of you and don't lift heavy objects.

Patsy said...

Hello dear,be patient with the c-sect wounds.Time will heal the wounds in 3 months time.You'll forget the pain when you held your cute babies in your arm.Day by day passes very fast,so just relax and dont lift heavy objects.Do take good care of yourself.I went through twice c-sect.The 1st have to go through double pain that was normal labour then emergency c-sect.I felt very much regretted.My 2nd time,i accepted my gynae advise to c-sect due to my age(secret).Well everythings was planned but my daughter came earlier 2 days before the date planned,so i still have to face the labour pain which was that was the hardest few hours to pass.My daughter is six this year,well time is flying.Best wishes to both you and babies.

HN said...

Hihi, maybe it's a little too late to share my experience here, but I really wish to tell you that I took about 2 weeks to be able to get down from the bed by myself and walk normally.And about a month to be recovered 80%. Even now, when my one-year old son tries to step on my wound sometimes, I still feel a little painful. You are right, it was extremely painful on the second day when I tried to make few steps. Therefore, I concluded that the normal is so much better than C-sect (although I never have normal birth before).