Friday, July 25, 2008

My maid is FAT

Don’t know what’s wrong with our maid. Just a month here, she gained 4kg in less than 2 months! Even her boobs and buttock look so big now until she complaint that she cannot wear the new underwear I bought for her when she arrives 2 month ago.

Few days back, CL even told me to keep an eye on her as she saw my maid peeping at our window a few times when the postman arrives. She even dare to nap on Sunday afternoon when my house is full of guests!

This morning, when my CL told me that she notice her vomited twice, my hubby gets suspicious and asked me if she is pregnant since she is gaining too much of weight until her body goes out of shape!

Oh God, then only I remember we did leave her alone for a few days at home (with our house keys) while I was giving birth in the hospital. Since it is only 3 weeks, don’t think the test kit can tell. Maybe I should just pretend and ignore until it is due (in end August) to pay the maid’s balance advance 4 months salary?

Any advice to share?

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