Friday, July 25, 2008

My maid is FAT

Don’t know what’s wrong with our maid. Just a month here, she gained 4kg in less than 2 months! Even her boobs and buttock look so big now until she complaint that she cannot wear the new underwear I bought for her when she arrives 2 month ago.

Few days back, CL even told me to keep an eye on her as she saw my maid peeping at our window a few times when the postman arrives. She even dare to nap on Sunday afternoon when my house is full of guests!

This morning, when my CL told me that she notice her vomited twice, my hubby gets suspicious and asked me if she is pregnant since she is gaining too much of weight until her body goes out of shape!

Oh God, then only I remember we did leave her alone for a few days at home (with our house keys) while I was giving birth in the hospital. Since it is only 3 weeks, don’t think the test kit can tell. Maybe I should just pretend and ignore until it is due (in end August) to pay the maid’s balance advance 4 months salary?

Any advice to share?

My birthday

Yes, it was my birthday!

You must be laughing that this old lady here still got mood to celebrate her birthday, even though still in confinement month. I still remember 4 years back, I was holding my little QQ posing in front of my birthday cake. This time, we are blessed with additional 2 boys in our family, the greatest gift of all.

Soon you might see me posing in front with my kids and grandchildren, haha!

Last week of confinement

Some say mummy in confinement should not go out and catch cold but since this is the last week, I have been going out everyday to settle my personal banking matters, doing my check up, and running some errands. Since I'll be stuck with my 2 boys once the CL leaves, there is no way I can leave home easily without them. There is no way I will leave the boys with my maid at home.

How about you? Do you go out during the last few days of your confinement?

Nurse last visit

Yesterday we were surprise when the nurse from government clinic came again to check the kids. It was the last visit, and the nurse took the weight again for the babies. Guess how much the twins weight now? Twin 1 is 4kg now, and Twin 2 2.6kg. Haha.....little brother is still a 400g behind his elder brother. But one thing for sure, the boys are really making good progress during the confinement.

I did not know that I have to give ang pow to the nurse until a friend told me so. Luckily the nurse came again yesterday so at least I have a chance to pass it to her since I did not give it to her on her last 2 visits. Anyone gives ang pow to them too?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Free home visits

The nurse is here today (9th day). The boys are striped and weight being taken. I had a good laugh when I see the babies are being weighted being hold up with just a piece of nappy. (Just like how they sell chicken before the invention of a scale machine!).

Talking about nappy and diapers, the boys diapers are really running out FAST! Only one week born, they used almost 100 pieces of disposable diapers already :( Looks like I must really start invest into the expenses Cloth Diaper liao, WAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, the nurse will be visiting the us again on their 20th day again. Can’t wait to know the weight progress of the boys by then!!

Who is who?

Many has been asking me, if I can differentiate these twins, who is kor-kor and who is di-di. I would say they look quite the same and everyone including me, hubby, CL and maid has been playing “Guessing Game” all time at home.

By looking at just one, it will be hard to tell, but if we put 2 together, their difference is obvious as they are weight 400grams apart. I was told by the doctors in the hospital that they are from the same placenta (monozygote).

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thanks friends!

Must really thanks to Liz, Sharon, Chanel, Angeleyes and Paik Ling for their lovely gifts for the twins (and mummy as well) and coming to the hospital to visit me. I was so weak during my stay in the hospital that few days that I did not even manage to sit up straight. But I do really appreciate for taking all the trouble to come over to visit me and my twins. And they even took photos for me to be posted on the blog.

And another important person to thank is to Jazzmint, for updating my delivery progress for me while I was in the hospital. Really appreciate all the help!!

Normal birth vs. C-sect

More bleeding for c-sect

I bleed so much after delivery as compare to my first delivery until there are few times where blood flow down my leg the moment I stand up. During QQ’s time, there wasn’t much discharge after delivery.

Not sure if this is normal (I did not wanna ask the doctor just in case they stop me from discharge), but according to some explanation, it is normal. For normal delivery, doctor korek (I mean clean) all the lochia out from vaginal but in c-sect, it is impossible for them to do that.

Extreme internal wound pain

Aiyo…normal delivery, I could already walk like normal people on 2nd day but this time for c-sect, already 4th day, my internal wound (I suppose that is the stitches of the uterus), it still sore like hell! Thank goodness they have not perform episiotomy on me during the vacum procedure otherwise I’ll suffer like mad now with 2 cuts.

Any mum with vaginal and c-sect experience can share?