Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do you use Bentong Ginger for your confinement?

A neighbour of mine who has the same EDD almost as mine told me that she could get a supply of Bentong ginger at only RM80 per 10kg from the market. Not sure how genuine is the ginger, I called up my SIL who is also selling it. She told me that her cost price is already RM90 and it sounds so impossible to be able to get it cheaper than her.

Then I called up another ginger vendor and was told that they might be just normal old ginger. There are basically 2 types of Bentong ginger, (RM150 per 10kg from Bukit Tinggi) and (RM110 from Raub). And the quality of the Bentong ginger from Bukit Tinggi is much better.

Sigh....really making me confuse now. Wonder how much you all buy your Bentong ginger out there?

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Tan said...

anyone knw if there are supply to JB or not?