Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Twin Pregnancy @ 31 weeks

Just had a follow up in HUKM today. Even get to use the 4D scan again today, just for normal progress scan :)

Prenancy Progress:
Mummy’s weight: 79KG
Weight: Twin 1 (1.8kg), Twin 2 (1.5kg)
Positioning: Twin 1 (Cephalic-head down), Twin 2 (Breech)
Placenta: Most likely sharing one placenta (so shall be look-alike twins!!)
Uterus Height: 38cm (pretty BIG)

Since a friend of mine (who has triplets) has been admitted into ward for close monitoring, I managed to visit her. At only 32 weeks, guess how many kgs of babies she is carrying now? 1.6+1.6+1.7 = about a pack of 5KG rice!!

And gosh, she tummy looks REALLY BIG, amazingly with NO STRETCH MARK unlike me!!

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