Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sad Mother's Day

During Mother's Day, we came home late at night. A a close family member called up to tell me again some bad news. His wife again threatened him that she will die together with their 2 little kids (wife trying to feed the children with Panadols while the hubby challenge them to take Clorox instead)…..sigh…..not going to go into details here but this husband and wife problem has been dragging for so long, and it is almost never ending, leaving us all of us so tired at all time. Good thing that this morning I found out that the wife just ran away to stay in a hotel, for the 3rd time with her kids…..

I told hubby, that I feel really blessed that our marriage our love is still going strong. Wonder is it so normal for husband and wife to have sour relationship like that when a marriage is still that new…..

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