Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I thought I am going to deliver!

Really had scare yesterday. Went for an emergency check-up at a nearby last night.

Since yesterday morning, I have been experience very bad pain on the left of my stomach until I cannot even walk anymore. Silly as it sounds, me as a 2nd time mum, cannot even tell if it is Braxton Hicks, tightening or contraction (or my boys are punching each other inside!). I just know that the pain really numbs my whole stomach and it get worse in the evening after I woke up from my evening nap.

So scared I might give birth anytime, I quickly take a shower, and have the remaining things pack into my hospital bag. Not wanting to make unnecessary trips to the hospital, we quickly went to scan and check up at a nearby clinic to diagnose the problem.

Thank goodness there is no sign of delivery since I am only 31weeks+!

Good news is that both my babies are positioned head down now (cephalic) and the pain is probably due to the pressing weight towards my pelvic (previously Twin 2 was breeched).

For mummies who wish to have their baby head down and have a normal delivery, do try:

* Visualize that the baby in your womb has turned
* Speak to your baby
* Do exercise on four

It really works for me, when QQ was breeched and this time my twins. Just hope that my twins remain in this position ( although it’s gonna be very painful for me) so that I could have a normal and easy delivery again this time!

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