Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another outing to a wedding luncheon

I am lucky that I still able to go out to attend a wedding luncheon this afternoon with this super big stomach. It is a family wedding, and it is fun to meet some of my hubby's relative from his hometown.

But it is really difficult to walk up the stairs, especially when the hall is situated on the 2nd floor. And moving around the tables is really not easy, when the chairs are arranged too close to each other. But I really enjoyed myself, this time and the attention I got with this super big belly!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Visitors over

Yesterday evening, I had 2 great visitors over to my house, thanks to Jane and Karen. Jane is kind to prepare some sweet white fungus longan dessert soup for me, while Karen has travelled all the way over to our place just to visit me, before I give birth. I even loan a bengkung and bought a bottle of fragant Sirih massage from Karen, which is so comfy compare to the one I have. We then went out for a dinner together, with 4 kids, so can you imagine the chaos we had with them!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Thank you, Aunty Kuan!

I am really grateful that my daughter's ex-nanny is just staying 2 doors away. After having breakfast/lunch, QQ got so excited seeing her nanny washing the car porch and wanted to go there immediately after our car reach home.

It is a relief to me that someone is entertaining her while I can complete my work and take a rest. Thank goodness it is also a public holiday, so that I could spend more time on bed instead of having to handle her alone at home.

How to give birth to Buddha?

As it is the Wesak Day today, I decided to tell QQ the story of Buddha first thing in the morning. Since it is also a public holiday, I told her that today is the BIRTH OF BUDDHA.

Some funny questions from her here:
  • Who gives birth to Buddha?
  • Where is Buddha now?
  • Can you also give birth to one Buddha?
  • How can I see Him now?
To make the explanation simple, I showed her a simple story / coloring book on Buddha. Haha...thank goodness that explained everything, otherwise mummy's hair would turn white trying to figure out how to explain to QQ.

A hope fon the Wesak Day

My family is going through a very hard time at this point of time. Some discussion is being held between my family and my sister's in-laws, trying to figure out what is the best solution that can be arranged and made to my sister's marriage since she is having some health problem right now.

I lighted a candle for my family, on this very special day of Wesak, hoping that they could get through this moment smoothly.

All the best to you Lin, and may you recover soon.

Completion of task,Phiew!

Am so happy today that I manage to finish all my writing task. It has been so long since I got so many assignments that must be completed within 48 hours.

I am sorry if you have to bear with me with the overloaded postings on my blog these 2 days (and probably your google reader too, if you use one).

Am really going to take a break today and rest more on bed now.

"Click, click, click"

Not sure if any of you experience something like that. I notice the babies in my stomach are making weird sounds of "click, click, click" from inside quite frequently.

I do not know how the sound is being produced, but it does really seems weird to me. I remember I had the same experience when I carried my girl in my first pregnancy too.

Anyone with the same experience?

I could hardly walk now

Each step on the floor is really killing me, as I could hardly walk now. I seriously need a wheel chair if I go anywhere. Even climbing up to my room on the first floor is difficult. Wonder if I can still manage to send my girl for this one last week of her schooling semester. She will hold her birthday celebration this coming Wednesday (as her actual birthday will fall on the school holiday).

May God give me some strength and let me be just well enough to handle her, for this one more week before our helper arrives.

Last day of Toy'RUs sales

Today is the last day of the Toy'RUs sales for the twin stroller that we have been eyeing on. Original priced at RM599, today the ESPRIT Twin stroller is only selling at a great bargain RM519!

After some serious consideration, and a few opinions from some good friends, we decided to put our decision on hold and check out more on the 2nd hand Maclaren Twin stroller, hoping to get the best
bargain for the boys.

Happy Wesak Day

It is Wesak Day today. This morning, we just went over to the center and light up two candles. One is for the safety of our family, and also for the easy delivery of our twins. The other is for my parents, and my siblings, especially my dear sister who is suffering from bad depression and currently in a very unstable mental state situation.

  • May each and everyone on earth be well, peaceful and happy at this very present moment, and also each day of their life.
  • May the babies in my womb delivered safely to this world, without any complication.
  • May the sick recover quick and happy.
Happy Wesak Day!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Exciting 3rd trimester

This pregnancy is making me very "excited" as I wake up with different condition each day. Sometimes I feel really painful on my right (I think Twin 1 is pressing against my nerve).

Today, I almost cannot walk when the pain on my left is so extreme. I feel like bursting apart, my pelvic bones are going to break each time I step my left foot onto the floor (Twin 2 almost engaging?)

Just imagine I have almost 2 more months to go (my EDD is July 10th) and even if the boys come out earlier, say 36 weeks, I still have to bear the growing weight for another 1 more month!!

Really cannot think of anything that would be more painful than twin pregnancy.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chicco for sale!

More details and pictures of the Chicco Stroller (Model: Ponee XS, made in Italy)

Almost like new (only used indoor for shopping). Selling at RM225 (current selling price is RM450).


* It is compact, light, maneuverable.
* It is perfect for mother and child.
* It is the ideal stroller in town or when traveling.
* Multi position recline.
* 5-Point safety harness.
* Adjustable handle.
* Comes with shopping basket.
* Front swivel /lockable wheels.
* Removable hood.
* Dual brake.
* Washable seat.

* Weight: 5.8kg.
* Dimensions Folded (cm): 88L x 27W x 47H.
* Dimensions Unfolded (cm): 70L x 27W x 90H.
* It is suitable from 3months onwards.
* Weight Capacity (kg): 15.

We decided to let this stroller go since we will be getting a twin stroller instead. Anyone interested can reach me at for more details.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Time to get rid of our black box

I remember something back I blogged about how lasting my faithful black box is. Unfortunately it does not last for long.

Now the image is getting worse. When we on the TV, the image on the screen is very blur. Even my poor girl had to endure on the poor image when she watches her favourite DVD. Not sure it is due to the malfunction of one of the element in the electronic box. Although we can easily send it for repair, I guess it is also about time to get a new TV. If only we have the budget at the moment!

A good foundation from young

It is not easy to raise little children today, what’s more teenager. As a mother to only a toddler at the moment, I find my daily parenting moment very challenging. Sometimes it can really drives me up the wall talking to a little toddler like mine, and sometimes hubby and I just laugh our head off with the amusement from our little girl.

Since she is still young, I gather that she is still easy to train her. Going wrong in the basic of parenting from young would definitely lead to many problems when they go into their teenage years.

So, parenting is really the greatest challenge, isn't it?

Hippo Me!

This evening, when my girl wanted to go out and join cycling with her neighbour friend, I was so worried. With my very heavy stomach now, I can hardly move or walk for long. I certainly lose all my energy to chase around a little toddler on her bicycle and most of the time now, I have to rely much on hubby to take care of our girl. Sometimes I really feel like a gigantic hippopotamus, with the rapid increasing weight at this moment. I am wondering how I would really look if being put running on one of the treadmills, trying to slim down hard later on.

Shower with daddy?

Sometimes my girl refuse to take a shower in the afternoon when she comes back from school. If she is too tired, she will just fall asleep after taking her lunch and finish a bottle of milk. Upon waking up in the evening, I cannot shower her too, as it would be quite cold since it is raining almost everyday in the evening. Therefore the best time to give her a hot shower will be a night, before she sleeps.

But since my tummy is so huge now, and I can hardly bend myself, I get hubby to shower for my girl. Sometimes this little girl will just storm into the bathroom while hubby is in the midst of showering! Just imagine if the bathroom lighting is bright, what would she sees at her level? Geee…..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Capturing my precious moment

Although heavily pregnant this time, I am very thankful and glad that I managed to capture the moments of my pregnancy this round, thanks to a dear friend, Jaz, who is so good in photography.

Initially I was very hesitate to take the pictures, since I am too “bulky” and do not think that my elephant arms and legs would look good. With the angle she captured, I would say, they are really fantastic! Just nice to capture my tummy (minus off the scars and patches), a little cute girl and a loving looking hubby posing together with me.

Washing independently

How soon do you let your child to wash her hands by herself?

I think from about age 3, I placed a stool by the sink to let my girl stand to wash her own hand. Even though most of the time she does not get them clean properly, I still think it is a good training to let her be independent especially on cleaning herself. Initially she loves to stand by there, spending quite sometime to play with the running water, and especially the soap!

And now, she wants to shower by herself...imagine how much our water bill increased over the last month, Arrgghh!!!!

Positive pregnancy

Finally I had a chance to talk to my friend Wai Han, a friend who is also a hypnobirthing instructor.

Seeing her this time is really great as she injected lots of positive thoughts towards my pregnancy, and it gives me lots of confidence that I will be able to go through this journey very easily. She shared with me some very positive reaffirmation and even showed me some wonderful birthing videos.

I really feel recharged and more confidence that my twins and I will really do good in the coming days till the end of my pregnancy journey. Thanks Wai Han!

Line or without line

A close friend of mine, Audrey has finally got her new PC. So excited about setting it up to start a blog, she wanted to bring it over to my place tomorrow morning thinking that I would be capable to help her. Unfortunately, I am using only one fixed line to my pc. It would be greatly convenient if I have a router installed at home so that a few computers could go online at the same time. Probably I should install a router than just depending on the fix line which can be very inconvenient most of the time. Can charge and make money, hahaha!!!

Why breast milk?

Do you notice some “positive” impacts of our infant formula on our children today? Although the awareness of breastfeeding is getting wider now, but there are still many mothers out there who are ignorance about the importance of breastfeeding. I must admit that the breastfeeding journey is not easy, especially in the beginning part that discourage most mothers to stay away from breastfeeding.

They rather take a short cut and accept the fact they cannot produce enough milk for their baby. That is why we see a lot of “artificially” overweight babies nowadays whom might even be overweight as they grow.

If only more campaigns are made to create the awareness on the importance of breastfeeding!

Single or Twin?

Since strollers are very expensive and I have not sold out my single stroller, we still wonder if we really go out that often and need a double stroller for the twins. It would be easy if the current Chicco stroller we have can carry at least one of our new born while we carry the other one on sling, but too bad, it cannot be use either as the reclining is only suitable for babies above 3 months onwards.

Tandem strollers are best as it is the only way a person can handle 2 babies at one time. However due to the size, it is not going to be easy to maneuver especially in shopping malls escalator. Some even said it is easier handling two single strollers at one go.

Sad Mother's Day

During Mother's Day, we came home late at night. A a close family member called up to tell me again some bad news. His wife again threatened him that she will die together with their 2 little kids (wife trying to feed the children with Panadols while the hubby challenge them to take Clorox instead)…..sigh…..not going to go into details here but this husband and wife problem has been dragging for so long, and it is almost never ending, leaving us all of us so tired at all time. Good thing that this morning I found out that the wife just ran away to stay in a hotel, for the 3rd time with her kids…..

I told hubby, that I feel really blessed that our marriage our love is still going strong. Wonder is it so normal for husband and wife to have sour relationship like that when a marriage is still that new…..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Less time on PC

There are so little to write these days, and now I hardly spend time on my laptop (less income too). It is also better that I am getting more rest on bed and sleep as my pregnancy is advancing. Currently moving into my 32 weeks, I no longer as mobile as I used to be. All I can do is to take only a few steps at home and I need a rest. Sounds like an old lady yeah....that is the wonder what a twin pregnancy can do to a woman!

Stuck for another 2 more years

I know I am going to lost my freedom very soon once the babies arrive. Not to mention travelling, I think I even have to give up sleeping soundly at night. With 3 kids at home I don’t think that even a good peaceful nap in the evening is possible anymore (definitely cannot ask my maid to help me breastfeed the babies, can I?)

I wish they all grow up soon so that I can go for a good vacation again. A romantic gateaway with dear hubby would really be good to unwind all the parenting pressure.

I thought I am going to deliver!

Really had scare yesterday. Went for an emergency check-up at a nearby last night.

Since yesterday morning, I have been experience very bad pain on the left of my stomach until I cannot even walk anymore. Silly as it sounds, me as a 2nd time mum, cannot even tell if it is Braxton Hicks, tightening or contraction (or my boys are punching each other inside!). I just know that the pain really numbs my whole stomach and it get worse in the evening after I woke up from my evening nap.

So scared I might give birth anytime, I quickly take a shower, and have the remaining things pack into my hospital bag. Not wanting to make unnecessary trips to the hospital, we quickly went to scan and check up at a nearby clinic to diagnose the problem.

Thank goodness there is no sign of delivery since I am only 31weeks+!

Good news is that both my babies are positioned head down now (cephalic) and the pain is probably due to the pressing weight towards my pelvic (previously Twin 2 was breeched).

For mummies who wish to have their baby head down and have a normal delivery, do try:

* Visualize that the baby in your womb has turned
* Speak to your baby
* Do exercise on four

It really works for me, when QQ was breeched and this time my twins. Just hope that my twins remain in this position ( although it’s gonna be very painful for me) so that I could have a normal and easy delivery again this time!

Twin stoller

I am still at the moment searching for a twin stroller (and at the same time hopping to get rid of my single stroller).

Coincidently at the MJ Forum, there is a mum who wanted to give away her Kohler twin stroller, just for free!!! Yippee!!!!!

It is an umbrella stroller therefore the stroller can only cater babies from 6 months onward. Therefore we are still considering to buy a twin stroller, either 2nd hand or a brand new one (if it is not too expensive).

Moving into my 32 weeks, I think I am going to turn into the biggest elephant on earth. My tummy is so heavy that I almost cannot move, not even when I lie down on bed. It really takes very great effort just to move my heavy tummy from the left to right. I tell you, it really hurts like hell not to mention sitting down for long.

I cannot imagine what my days are going to be like when this pregnancy advance further. Of course I would still love to delay the delivery of my babies until they gets bigger.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shall we eat out?

It is really fun to be a SAHM mother being able to fetch our little one from school.

There are not much time left so I take this opportunity to enjoy all my freedom with QQ now.

Once in a while, we will dine out after I pick her up from school. Audrey (my playgroup mate and also my dear friend who is staying nearby ) and I will bring our kids to eat out once in a while. Her elder son is in the same school as QQ (remember the boyfriend she had at the swimming pool)? They also go to the same playgroup each Saturday.

Bet QQ will be bored stuck at home once her brothers arrive, HAHAHA!!!!

Twin Pregnancy @ 31 weeks

Just had a follow up in HUKM today. Even get to use the 4D scan again today, just for normal progress scan :)

Prenancy Progress:
Mummy’s weight: 79KG
Weight: Twin 1 (1.8kg), Twin 2 (1.5kg)
Positioning: Twin 1 (Cephalic-head down), Twin 2 (Breech)
Placenta: Most likely sharing one placenta (so shall be look-alike twins!!)
Uterus Height: 38cm (pretty BIG)

Since a friend of mine (who has triplets) has been admitted into ward for close monitoring, I managed to visit her. At only 32 weeks, guess how many kgs of babies she is carrying now? 1.6+1.6+1.7 = about a pack of 5KG rice!!

And gosh, she tummy looks REALLY BIG, amazingly with NO STRETCH MARK unlike me!!