Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Vaginal Birth or C-Sect?

I was chatting with my girl last night and then she asked me how does babies come out from the stomach (she wanted to know how she came out).

Me: There are actually 2 ways to take out the baby. Either doctor cut up the stomach to take the baby out, or mummy "putt" (deliver by the vaginal) the baby out.
QQ: Aiyo..so pain one ah?
Me: So you wish to come out by which method?
QQ: Better come out by "peet peet" (meaning vaginal). Then doctor no need to cut stomach and I don't want mummy pain-pain.
Me: Yeah....QQ memang come out like this lor....

See la...even a little girl also scared of c-sect, haha......since she has no idea how painful a childbirth contraction can be :)


LindaLow said...

ha..haa..so cute your girl. Is she 4 yrs old? My son too said it is so painful when he saw my lines. He asked why dr cut you? He even told me that once his mei mei come out from the stomach, he wants to go in!!! haa..haa..so funny

LindaLow said...

By the way, how many months are u now?