Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Poor Little Girl

Parenting is the hardest thing in the world, I think at least for me. It is always not possible to have a worry-free journey in parenting. For instant, there are quite a few issues that is bothering me and hubby about QQ. Probably we are too worried about our little girl? Hmmm…..I bet any parent would have the same feeling too, given the same scenario.

Eye-sight problem

Since young, QQ has the habit of looking at books and even our PC from very near distance. Nanny complaint the same thing, and we notice it too, but we always comfort ourself it’s just a bad habit after we did some test at home on her.
The reason why we delayed to bring her for a check-up with the eye specialist is because we do not want her to endure uneccassary test which requires our lil child to be knocked out medically in order for the doctor to put in some solution and perform eye check since they still cannot read.

But recently her preschool teacher tells me the same thing that she is seeing her book too near and it is quite abnormal. No choice but we got to send her for a check up soon with the children eye-specialist soon.
Vomit after meals

My worse fear the moment she was born. She had some kind of weird intestinal infection and had the most traumatic few days of her life by having tubes into her tummy, and everywhere on her body. She was on drips, crying for hunger, but starved without milk for almost a week, until I see gastric fluid was seen on tube whenever the paed extract fluid from her intestine to check what causes the infection. Something a mother would not bear to see on her own child enduring in such pain :(

During her baby days, she will frequently regurgitate DURING breastfeeding, even before I manage to burp her. This continue until today, and now at almost age of 4, she still vomit very frequently after her meal. Although her pead couldn’t find anything wrong, he refuse to recommend further check because it would be very traumatic for her to go through the check procedure by swallowing the camera into their stomach.

Since her condition is not improving over the years, and not wanting to take any more risk, we decided it is time to bring her to the child gastroenterologist for further investigation.
I just hope this girl will grow up healthy, and soon outgrow all her problems soon. I had enough with one delicate baby so please…GOD…….bless me with boys that would be tough and strong like a bull, so I do not have to worry a thing with them!!

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