Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Fantastic Tilam Service

Last Sunday after the heavy rain, our roofs leaked badly and unfortunately, my king size mattress in the master bedroom was soak with rain. Since it is made of full latex, and with it's weight, there is no way we could sun it.

Thank goodness to their superb service provided by the Getha company. Our mattress comes with a 10 year guarantee. With just a small fee, they could actually bring back the mattress and dry it for us (probably also have to repair or replace whatever need to be replaced)and sanitized the mattress again (good also to clean it before the arrival of our new babies).

Best of all, they even loan us a TOTALLY NEW king size mattress (also full latex but a cheaper version)while cleaning is being done!! Really amazed with the service:)

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Hazel said...

HI, LONG TIME NO SEE.i think i had add the wrong blog of yours in my blogroll. will correct it soon. so sorry