Friday, April 04, 2008

Burger Day in School

Although a bit slightly expensive, I have no regret sending my girl to this pre-school. She loves all her teachers, and always smile when I pick her up from school in the afternoon.

Not only the children has got no books in their back (no homework for 4 years as well), they really learned a great deal on reading (only in school).

But of course, from time to time, they will have special projects which really amuse me.

This simple egg burger is so easy to make, and with some ready ingredients, my child made this in school today.

Ingredients: fried egg, cut tomato, cucumber slice

Just prepare everything and let your little one experiment what it is like to make a burger.

What she learned:

Tell you, not only she will appreciate and eat the food they made herself, it would really makes her proud by being able to prepare such wonderful meal.


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oshicare said...

how much is this preschool charging u? it really sound interesting for any preschooler... I'm attracted too.

Mummy to QiQi said...

monthly is RM270 without any yearly charges.