Sunday, April 27, 2008

I feel like an invalid now

With my growing belly, I almost cannot walk anymore. The weight is getting unbearable, and the pressure on my pelvic bone is really killing me, especially when I stand up. Like what Shireen mentioned earlier, I think the tiredness in my body is making me feeling sleepy at all time. I spend most of the time on bed these days, feeling like an invalid now. Thank goodness there is not much to do everyday at home, except some basic cleaning and washing.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Positive thoughts

Finally I had a chance to talk to my friend Wai Han today. Instead of heading home from Melaka, we headed straight to her house since hubby's office is only located nearby.

Seeing her this time is really great as she injected lots of positive thoughts towards my pregnancy, and it gives me lots of confidence that I will be able to go through this journey very easily. She shared with me some very positive reaffirmation and even showed me some wonderful birthing videos.

I really feel recharged and more confidence that my twins and I will really do good in the coming days till the end of my pregnancy journey. Thanks Wai Han!

Short trip back home

We had a fun trip yesterday. Hubby had to go to Melaka for a day duty in one of his company exhibition yesterday. So we took the opportunity to go back to see my parents for a day. Since accommodation of a 5-star hotel is provided, QQ really had a great time spending a night in the hotel. We even had a nice and heavy breakfast, a complimentary breakfast provided by the hotel this morning before we headed back home.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Any thing that can help me awake?

I am feeling really tired these days although only in my 27 weeks of pregnancy. Everyone who sees me would be surprise at how big I look now, and not only that, I feel physically and mentally worn out as well. Now I spend most of my time on bed, hoping to take some weight off my pelvic area during sitting or standing. I doubt there is anyway that can makes me feel any better. Although I still take prenatal vitamins, I still prefer the natural way. Must really check out with the herb expert or shop at to see what is available for pregnant mums like me to keep me fresh and awake for a longer time.

Still awake until now?

Don’t know what is wrong with me, it is almost 4am in the morning, and here I am wide awake not able to doze off. Only in my 27 weeks pregnancy, my growing stomach is really making me uncomfortable to lie down, even on my sides, and sometimes I can hardly have a good night sleep.

I wonder how my days would be like when my pregnancy advance later. Hubby stop hugging me, complaining that I am too huge to be hugged at this moment. If only I can get onto one of those romantic cruises with my dear hubby, having him hugging me tight so I can doze off to my la-la land soon!

Pregnancy turns me into a hippopotamus!

This evening, when my girl wanted to go out and join cycling with her neighbour friend, I was so worried. With my very heavy stomach now, I can hardly move or walk for long. I certainly lose all my energy to chase around a little toddler on her bicycle and most of the time now, I have to rely much on hubby to take care of our girl. Sometimes I really feel like a gigantic hippopotamus, with the rapid increasing weight at this moment. I am wondering how I would really look if being put running on one of the treadmills, trying to slim down hard later on.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Poor Little Girl

Parenting is the hardest thing in the world, I think at least for me. It is always not possible to have a worry-free journey in parenting. For instant, there are quite a few issues that is bothering me and hubby about QQ. Probably we are too worried about our little girl? Hmmm…..I bet any parent would have the same feeling too, given the same scenario.

Eye-sight problem

Since young, QQ has the habit of looking at books and even our PC from very near distance. Nanny complaint the same thing, and we notice it too, but we always comfort ourself it’s just a bad habit after we did some test at home on her.
The reason why we delayed to bring her for a check-up with the eye specialist is because we do not want her to endure uneccassary test which requires our lil child to be knocked out medically in order for the doctor to put in some solution and perform eye check since they still cannot read.

But recently her preschool teacher tells me the same thing that she is seeing her book too near and it is quite abnormal. No choice but we got to send her for a check up soon with the children eye-specialist soon.
Vomit after meals

My worse fear the moment she was born. She had some kind of weird intestinal infection and had the most traumatic few days of her life by having tubes into her tummy, and everywhere on her body. She was on drips, crying for hunger, but starved without milk for almost a week, until I see gastric fluid was seen on tube whenever the paed extract fluid from her intestine to check what causes the infection. Something a mother would not bear to see on her own child enduring in such pain :(

During her baby days, she will frequently regurgitate DURING breastfeeding, even before I manage to burp her. This continue until today, and now at almost age of 4, she still vomit very frequently after her meal. Although her pead couldn’t find anything wrong, he refuse to recommend further check because it would be very traumatic for her to go through the check procedure by swallowing the camera into their stomach.

Since her condition is not improving over the years, and not wanting to take any more risk, we decided it is time to bring her to the child gastroenterologist for further investigation.
I just hope this girl will grow up healthy, and soon outgrow all her problems soon. I had enough with one delicate baby so please…GOD…….bless me with boys that would be tough and strong like a bull, so I do not have to worry a thing with them!!

Stucked online?

I wonder if all blogging SAHM stuck by the computer day and night like me now.

A mum to only a child, who goes to school in the morning, I practically have nothing much to do at home except some simple house chores like doing the laundry and sweeping the floor. However I always seems running out of time for anything else at home, especially when my computer is ON. I think most blogging mamas do too....

What a good mother, good wife I am.......hahaha!!!

2nd Trimester: 27th Week

Time flies and now I am at the end of my 2nd trimester.

Feel the weight of the babies is pressing down to my pelvic area, and just at 27 weeks, I already cannot bend down to touch me leg, nor taking them up. I am having problem reaching my feet now so I need a stool to sit whenever I shower. Cannot imagine how much more torture I would have to endure if when the twins get bigger in the 3rd trimester!

It is getting worse that sometimes I even need to get my girl to wear my pants for me, as if I am a invalid. Poor lil QQ, have to serve her mum at such an early age.

See the benefits of having a girl? We feel really blessed to have such a wonderful daughter :)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Vaginal Birth or C-Sect?

I was chatting with my girl last night and then she asked me how does babies come out from the stomach (she wanted to know how she came out).

Me: There are actually 2 ways to take out the baby. Either doctor cut up the stomach to take the baby out, or mummy "putt" (deliver by the vaginal) the baby out.
QQ: pain one ah?
Me: So you wish to come out by which method?
QQ: Better come out by "peet peet" (meaning vaginal). Then doctor no need to cut stomach and I don't want mummy pain-pain.
Me: Yeah....QQ memang come out like this lor....

See la...even a little girl also scared of c-sect, haha......since she has no idea how painful a childbirth contraction can be :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Burger Day in School

Although a bit slightly expensive, I have no regret sending my girl to this pre-school. She loves all her teachers, and always smile when I pick her up from school in the afternoon.

Not only the children has got no books in their back (no homework for 4 years as well), they really learned a great deal on reading (only in school).

But of course, from time to time, they will have special projects which really amuse me.

This simple egg burger is so easy to make, and with some ready ingredients, my child made this in school today.

Ingredients: fried egg, cut tomato, cucumber slice

Just prepare everything and let your little one experiment what it is like to make a burger.

What she learned:

Tell you, not only she will appreciate and eat the food they made herself, it would really makes her proud by being able to prepare such wonderful meal.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Fantastic Tilam Service

Last Sunday after the heavy rain, our roofs leaked badly and unfortunately, my king size mattress in the master bedroom was soak with rain. Since it is made of full latex, and with it's weight, there is no way we could sun it.

Thank goodness to their superb service provided by the Getha company. Our mattress comes with a 10 year guarantee. With just a small fee, they could actually bring back the mattress and dry it for us (probably also have to repair or replace whatever need to be replaced)and sanitized the mattress again (good also to clean it before the arrival of our new babies).

Best of all, they even loan us a TOTALLY NEW king size mattress (also full latex but a cheaper version)while cleaning is being done!! Really amazed with the service:)

Late nap

It is 15minutes passed 9pm now, and my girl has not wake up from her nap. We had some guests over this afternoon. Eva and Angeleyes came over and QQ had a good time playing with Darrius. But after they left and since it was raining heavily in the evening, QQ continue to sleep soundly even after I cooked our dinner.

She has been sleeping for 4 hours and I wonder how she is going to sleep tonight :(