Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stage of parenting babies-toddlers

Bringing up a child isn't as simple as what we read in theory.


When our child is still a baby, we have to be there all time for her, trying to attend to all her needs whenever she cries. But most of the time, we just couldn't understand what the cry is all about especially when we are new to parenting.

Year One

When our little child learns to walk, it can be quite tiring to chase and follow them around, just in case if they fall and knock against the house and furniture. A very tiring stage, indeed.

Year Two
Terrible 2 starts! They will start screaming for attention, and their whining is simply unacceptable and unpredictable. Although they can look like a little genius with their new capability, most of the time, they behave like a monster.

Year Three
At least now they are more "stabilized" at toddler's age. They begin to compromise and understand their parents. It is easier to have a heart-to-heart talk to them.

Year Four
Most kids starts their preschool at this age. Their circle of influence widen when they get to meet more peers in school. Get smarter by mixing with their peers, but sometimes the influence can make them rebel against their parents (for instant, my girl now!)

If given a choice, which age would you prefer your child to be? For me, of course, it is always NOW.


Elaine said...

I was just asking myself we stage I enjoy the most. I think I enjoy their babyhood time. Just so sweet though they need a lot of attention. But babies are just irresistible.

Mummy to QiQi said...

haha....thats becz u just have your new baby :) It is easy for me to bring qq along anywhere I go without having to pack so many things..hehe