Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Progress of maid selection

With 2 new boys coming soon to the family, everyone is advising me to hire a maid as soon as possible since I will be soon in my 3rd trimester.

Although I do not like the idea of having a stranger living with me in my home, I cannot think of any other alternative other than having a live-in-maid helping me with the babies. Right now, I am in the midst of searching for a maid, someone who I can really trust.

I received numerous biodata from the maid agency recently, but with just the pictures seen, I doubt I can really trust my instinct by just looking the the pictures like that.

Time is getting nearer, and I wish to settle this problem as soon as possible. If only my SIL's ex-maid could come over again to help me......

Stage of parenting babies-toddlers

Bringing up a child isn't as simple as what we read in theory.


When our child is still a baby, we have to be there all time for her, trying to attend to all her needs whenever she cries. But most of the time, we just couldn't understand what the cry is all about especially when we are new to parenting.

Year One

When our little child learns to walk, it can be quite tiring to chase and follow them around, just in case if they fall and knock against the house and furniture. A very tiring stage, indeed.

Year Two
Terrible 2 starts! They will start screaming for attention, and their whining is simply unacceptable and unpredictable. Although they can look like a little genius with their new capability, most of the time, they behave like a monster.

Year Three
At least now they are more "stabilized" at toddler's age. They begin to compromise and understand their parents. It is easier to have a heart-to-heart talk to them.

Year Four
Most kids starts their preschool at this age. Their circle of influence widen when they get to meet more peers in school. Get smarter by mixing with their peers, but sometimes the influence can make them rebel against their parents (for instant, my girl now!)

If given a choice, which age would you prefer your child to be? For me, of course, it is always NOW.

Almost 2 years being a SAHM

Is it really that nice being a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mother)?

I wasn't used to it for the first year after resigning from my job. At that time, I still send my girl to her nanny, even just for a few hours a day, so that I can have my own ME time. After sometime, when my girl is old enough to go to school, she stops going to her nanny.

Now each morning I send and pick her up from school, making sure lunch and dinner is ready on the table. I feel blessed to be able to live such a life, to be with my child whenever she needs me. But on the other hand, I feel that I have been taken for granted,especially by hubby, for being available at all time.

For you who have been a SAHM for quite sometime, do you feel the same as I do?

A dent on the car's door?

Wonder if anyone out there (especially men) is as fussy as my hubby.

Today, I went to the market to do some marketing. Knowing that hubby is very fussy with his beloved car, I had to look out for a spacious parking space so that the chances of having the side of the car being knocked by the parked car beside is slimmer. Unfortunately not this time.

Although there is a car that seems parked away quite a distance, I guess the passenger of the car must have opened the car too wide and knocked into my driver door. Of course I did not notice, that, but hubby is really mad now finding about the dent.

Hope he would just take his car away with him and let my have back my little old car.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Back to school

After a long holiday, QQ is back to school again today. Although she was a bit reluctant this morning, it wasn't so bad as I anticipated. She woke up just in time, without much fuss and went to school without any tear. I hope she is really getting use to the schooling routine and understand her daily responsibility to school even though after the arrival of her two little brothers soon.

One or more children

It sometimes makes us feel very happy and contented seeing our child is now more independent to play on her own. At four now, she could just leave us alone at home, playing with all her toys or do some coloring for quite a moment. We now understand why some parents refuse to have more children, after getting the first child being independent. The thought of the arrival of twins is really making us panic and we know it is gonna be really tiring to have to do all over again.

Problem with greetings

Initially when my girl has this problem, we thought it was ok since she was still young. It gets worse now as she grows up and no matter how much we coax her to greet, she just would not open her mouth even though to people she sees daily, to her nanny that she was so used to.

Worse still, relatives are giving pressure as if I am not teaching my child on this simple manner. Really don't know what is getting into her, and if you have any tips to share, do share with me yeah...

Great way to celebrate Cheng Beng

Do you go to your ancestor tomb every year for prayer?

My hubby's family practice this every year during Cheng Beng. During this annual festival, each of the family members, including the children will wake up early and go to the tomb to clear our ancestor's tomb. Besides offering food and burning some paper money, the children are practically having fun while helping the adults.

Since I am pregnant this year, I did not join, nor did my little girl. We could probably go next year, if there is someone to help me with my little ones.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Common to dream of your delivery?

I had the most beautiful dream this wee morning.

We were back to hubby's hometown for a short holiday. Suddenly I need to give birth earlier than my EDD. Had a pleasant birth (probably I just read the Hypnobirthing Book) and gave birth to 2 beautiful baby boys.

But since they both looked almost the same, even myself could not recognise which one is Twin 1 and Twin 2 until I got to keep asking with the nurse.

The nurse told me that Twin 2 (which I am carrying on my right) is the kor-kor (my elder son).

Let's see how accurate if Twin 2 really comes out first and be the elder twin:)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

How is your school holiday?

This is a short week term but a tiring holiday for us.

For the first 2 days, my neighbour and I brought our kids out for a short shopping trip. It is not easy for 2 adults to bring 3 toddlers out, and everywhere they are, I had to keep screaming at my girl asking her not to run to far from me.

Really can't imagine what it is like when I have 3 kids and bring them out all by myself :(

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Positioning of my twins

Twin 1 has got himself a good positioning in tummy(who is vertical in the tummy on my left). Due to his positioning, it feels more comfortable but I could hardly feel his kick.

Unfortunately, not sure if it is the wrong positioning of Twin 2 (which is horizontal), I experience great discomfort from the very beginning in my pregnancy. With the growing tummy, my right waist, the backbone and buttock area feels even painful each day especially when Twin 2 kicks his legs out to my waist.

Can't imagine how it will be when my pregnancy advance further.

I just wish the two babies would turn to their right position, on time for the birth. Otherwise there will be no chance for natural delivery this time.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Boo..Hoo....I want Jia Jun

Today QQ had some friends coming over so we went to the playground nearby to play. Walking on the way back, QQ's friend refuse to hold her hands walking back, and instead he held to her brother and her mum.

She got so disappointed and boo..........crying, all the way walking back home.

Don't know whether to laugh or what:

If only you saw how she trailed behind her friend, wanting so much to hold his hand, and me trailing beside QQ, wanting to hold my girl's hand :(

Long waiting in Goverment Hospital

This morning I had a chat with my friend, and I complaint about the long waiting and unaccessary appointments given to me in the hospital.

What happened to me, full story here:
Call from hospital

The Audrey was telling me, "50 years of independence already and yet our hospital still operates inefficiently!" :(

Haha....I was laughing out loud and told her, "This Saturday (our election day), we should voice out our complain!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Herbal bath

How often to shower during confinement?

I wonder how long people can stand for not taking shower during confinement. My sister is one very obedient mum, and she only took her bath after completion of 30-days confinement.

For me, I took my shower (when the day is hot) on the 3rd day upon discharge from hospital. I washed my hair, dried it quickly with the hair dryer. It made me feel so fresh and energetic. Since then I have been taking my shower every fortnightly.

Just couldn't stand the smell of myself and my hair especially since I was sweating like mad after eating all the heaty stuffs.

All my CL did was boil water with the herbal bath and some ginger skin so that I would not catch a cold.

Liz even gave me a tip to add the Eucalyptus Oil to the shower water so that it would feel a bit tingling sensation after the bath :)

How about you? When was your first shower and how often do you shower? Any good tips to share?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Herbal packs for confinement

Picture from Karen

Ways to get the “30-day” herbal packs for confinement the economy way

Surely most of us have heard of the "30-day herbal packs" sold by some confinement centers.
The following process of rejuvenating the womb should be practiced:

1st to 5th day Cleansing & detoxifying
6th to 10th day Firming of the womb & enhancing chi
11th to 20th day Strengthening spine & pelvic
21st to 30th day Revitalising & building energy

These herbs are pre-packed daily, so that it is convenient and easy for mummies like me who does not have any knowledge about herbs.

Jane told me a medical hall near our place is in fact supplying these packs to a local confinement center. In fact, it is cheaper to buy directly from them as the confinement center really overpriced them!

CH Medical Hall (Sg.Long)
30days: Rm220-RM2800

Wing Onn (Sg.Long)
30days: ~RM300