Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Would you still hire a CL for 2nd pregnancy?

Many of my friends were able to handle their 2nd pregnancy, with the help of cleaner and food catering.

Initially I thought I would like to try to handle my 2nd pregnancy all by myself, before knowing I am having twins. But the news of having twins really make me panic this time, and my brain got messed up.

I suddenly feel that I can't handle breastfeeding (although I have been breastfeeding my first girl for a year), can't handle the crying babies and everything!!! My mind just go blank when many people tells me that I need help (negative influenced huh??)

Well, after some frantic search, finally I secured a CL (confinement lady) yesterday. Can you imagine how relief I am now.

What about you? Care to share?

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