Monday, February 18, 2008

Which maid to get?

Oh dear, just got a piece of news from my SIL. Her ex-maid, whom I have been hoping to get her over to help me with the twins, will not be able to make it this time. Her home in Indonesia has just been swept cleaned by the tsunami and now she is still living in some other's house, taking care of her 2 old parents.

Which means I would either have to get my friend's maid's mum over (who wish to look for more money) or a new maid from the maid agency. After hearing so much horror stories from Shireen and Elaine, I wonder if I can really live with such nonsense in my house.

Am really lose and don't know what to do now :(


Montessorimum said...

maid also susah, dun have also susah.

Until today, I still feel like vomit blood with my maid. For your case, you really need to have one, jsut hope luck is at your side that you will be able to get a good maid.

Ling That's Me said...

U're so blessed with twins and I am sure you will have a good helper :)

sting said...

is there any other way? can your mum or MIL come by to help out for the first few months? you could get someone to help do the house cleaning once / twice a week (my neighbor got a local cleaning lady who comes by once a week and charges RM30 per trip and she's very thorough)

alternatively, you could share a maid with your relatives / neighbor so the maid comes over in the daytime and goes back in the evening? just a thought... hate to see you stressed by this issue... :-(

miche said...

i hv an indonesian maid. so far, did u hear me complaining about her??? there r good ones out there. try to get the temporary ones. so agency allows that. if u like her, then only u take her. that's what we got. :)

passionmom said...

another alternative way from a friend is to spot a local Chinese lady who work in coffe shop or elsewhere. Get her to help from say 8am-4pm. Pay about RM700, Penang rate. She will help to do some simple cleaning and also babysitting the small ones. No worry about lodging and privacy too. :-)

Mummy to QiQi said...

Elaine, Ling, am hoping for the best that could turn out last minute.

hi Sting, my none can help as we are not local. Mother is working and i still have a brother to take care while MIL have passed away. We don't live nearby anyone also so can't share maid. just hoping things will fall in the right way last min :)

Mich, waiting for your contact!

Hi Passionmom, first time i hear such suggestion. but all our helpers here are mainly indon, hehe....if u know of anyone, pls do recomend to me. Thanks a lot!

passionmom said...

what my fren did was to go to coffee shop and observe if this lady is whom she wants. then only she approach her. Of course, she did some advertisement on newspaper and interview a few too.
you will be surprise that there will be some out there who wants to work that way.