Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Calling to Indonesia

I need a maid desperately with the twins, and I was hoping to get either my SIL's ex-maid, Bakriah or MIL's ex-maid, Yarti. We love both of them and we can really trust them at home with everything. So I took the initiative to call them up using the Call Center VoIP Phone Systems for a cheaper rates.

Yarti was a 30plus woman with one kid. She came from quite a well-to-do home and because she had to pay for the heavy hospital bills of her father, they sold their plantation land away. In order to get them back, she came here to work and took care of my dying MIL 3 years back. She was a very hardworking lady, with not much of complain. Every home she visit to, she will take the initiative to do whatever a maid needed to do. We were really lucky to get her but we sent her back after my MIL passed away as no one needed a maid.

Bakriah was with my SIL for the past 8 years. She brought up all the kids and even helped out at their bakery with their business. They trusted her so much that she even handled the account of the outlet. But since all the kids were grown up, she went back last year, only to find her hubby had married another. Initially she wanted to come to work again, but unfortunately, her home has been strike by the tsunami recently. I do still hope she would change her mind one day, and come back here again.

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