Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Identical or Fraternal Twins?

I am reading a lot about twins since I wish to learn how this pregnancy happens with no inheridity of twins genes from both my families and hubby's families.

When my gynae told me there are 2 sacs to be seen, this is what I found from the internet.

Please excuse me for my scribbling

The above illustration is what I understand about the types of twins. I thank God for giving my baby to separate sacs (if you can understand the danger of just having one sac in twin pregnancy).

Until now, we still can't tell if this pregnancy is identical or fraternal. As long as the babies all in good condition, I couldn't hope for more.


nyumix said...

I wish I could have twins too :)

Happy Valentine!

1+2mom said...

Until now i also dunno my twins is identical or not because my twins also in 2 sacs.

Wish you all the best and congratulation you have a twins babies.

Mummy to QiQi said...

i was told and learnt from internet that we could only can identify when a DNA test is done :)