Sunday, March 02, 2008

Herbal packs for confinement

Picture from Karen

Ways to get the “30-day” herbal packs for confinement the economy way

Surely most of us have heard of the "30-day herbal packs" sold by some confinement centers.
The following process of rejuvenating the womb should be practiced:

1st to 5th day Cleansing & detoxifying
6th to 10th day Firming of the womb & enhancing chi
11th to 20th day Strengthening spine & pelvic
21st to 30th day Revitalising & building energy

These herbs are pre-packed daily, so that it is convenient and easy for mummies like me who does not have any knowledge about herbs.

Jane told me a medical hall near our place is in fact supplying these packs to a local confinement center. In fact, it is cheaper to buy directly from them as the confinement center really overpriced them!

CH Medical Hall (Sg.Long)
30days: Rm220-RM2800

Wing Onn (Sg.Long)
30days: ~RM300


delittleones said...

Wow! You're certainly have more knowledge about herbs than me.

Mummy to QiQi said...

Li Li, i also learnt about this just very recently from a friend. Heard the herbs is good if taken daily.

Mrs.Wallace said...

Thanks for the info. Since this is going to be my last pregnancy, I want to a healthy mum & wife after this. Can I have the address and contact number so I can place my order.