Monday, March 03, 2008

Herbal bath

How often to shower during confinement?

I wonder how long people can stand for not taking shower during confinement. My sister is one very obedient mum, and she only took her bath after completion of 30-days confinement.

For me, I took my shower (when the day is hot) on the 3rd day upon discharge from hospital. I washed my hair, dried it quickly with the hair dryer. It made me feel so fresh and energetic. Since then I have been taking my shower every fortnightly.

Just couldn't stand the smell of myself and my hair especially since I was sweating like mad after eating all the heaty stuffs.

All my CL did was boil water with the herbal bath and some ginger skin so that I would not catch a cold.

Liz even gave me a tip to add the Eucalyptus Oil to the shower water so that it would feel a bit tingling sensation after the bath :)

How about you? When was your first shower and how often do you shower? Any good tips to share?


miche said...

i shower on the 3rd day too and every 3 days. my mom's place is too warm and i can't bear letting my baby smell my sweaty body. :)

Anonymous said...

I took my first herbal bath on the 3rd day but only wash my hair after my period is clear (around 27th day). I was one stinky head walking around the house.

Bath and Body said...

Haha, that's funny! I need to take one of those herbal baths everyone is talking about. :)