Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Conditions of Confinement

Finally I secured a confinement lady to help me with my twins, who happened to be my SIL's SIL too.

One baby: $2500
Additional twin baby: $1100
Ang Pow: extra

Really pokai ler....!!!

Some of the conditions are:
  • My CL would only take care of the babies and myself (excluding housework)
  • All clothes will be washed using washing machine.
  • Baby will use diapers instead of nappy.
If I want to save my confinement trouble and diaper cost, which means I'll have to get a maid earlier here to do all the housework.

Really hope I can find a good one just in time, AGAIN, JUST IN TIME!!!


keeyit said...

walao eh.. so expensive one ar.. that is just for the confinement lady lo.. have a baby really not easy hor..

Mummy to QiQi said...

so pricey la our life here :(