Thursday, February 28, 2008

What if I die during delivery? may sounds very scary and negative, but I just can't help thinking about it.

A ex-colleague of mine had a smooth pregnancy and seemed jovial about it. Unfortunately, after delivered her first baby boy, she passed away due to very weird reasons (I heard her face turn black).

We all know death is inevitable otherwise we would not need to make a will or buy insurance.

I told me hubby not to get another wife (in case she makes my poor QQ a maid and make my sons serve her in bed later on :( )

He said he would just live a life of Edison Chen, haha....(wonder he got that kind of luck with no money and this kind of face!)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Conditions of Confinement

Finally I secured a confinement lady to help me with my twins, who happened to be my SIL's SIL too.

One baby: $2500
Additional twin baby: $1100
Ang Pow: extra

Really pokai ler....!!!

Some of the conditions are:
  • My CL would only take care of the babies and myself (excluding housework)
  • All clothes will be washed using washing machine.
  • Baby will use diapers instead of nappy.
If I want to save my confinement trouble and diaper cost, which means I'll have to get a maid earlier here to do all the housework.

Really hope I can find a good one just in time, AGAIN, JUST IN TIME!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Would you still hire a CL for 2nd pregnancy?

Many of my friends were able to handle their 2nd pregnancy, with the help of cleaner and food catering.

Initially I thought I would like to try to handle my 2nd pregnancy all by myself, before knowing I am having twins. But the news of having twins really make me panic this time, and my brain got messed up.

I suddenly feel that I can't handle breastfeeding (although I have been breastfeeding my first girl for a year), can't handle the crying babies and everything!!! My mind just go blank when many people tells me that I need help (negative influenced huh??)

Well, after some frantic search, finally I secured a CL (confinement lady) yesterday. Can you imagine how relief I am now.

What about you? Care to share?

What do you think about goverment hospital?

Our local hospitals are known for their slow turtle service. Cannot blame on them, as they are having too patients to handle, so everything has their own specialise department to handle different task.

I was at HUKM, waiting

1 hour for registration, weight, check my blood pressure and urine
1 hour to scan
1 hour to take down my history, being access by Pegawai Perubatan

3 hours procedure can be done in 30mins if I go to private. If it is not for twin delivery, I wouldn't have wanted to go to goverment (to save cost).

Tell me, what do you like about goverment hospital?

Can't see the twins?

Don't know whether to laugh or cry!!

I had my scan at HUKM (first appointment) and the person who scanned me can't see there is a pair of twins in my stomach. Wonder what she is seeing inside???

I waited for her to finish her scan, suspecting she did not discover there are 2 babies, and purposely asked her about the condition of my twins.

Then only she asked, "Oh, there are 2 babies?" Rescanned again........*fainted*

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Idea to Display of Your Kid's Art

While visiting a friend's home, I just found out a great idea to display the art of children.

Instead of pasting them all over the living hall, Cheng Sim tastefully display them on the wall of her kitchen tiles. Since tapes can comes off easily from tiles, I guess that is the best place to past it on.

Better than me pasting them all over my fridge. Now it is so full that I can hardly sees them, hehe...

Our house is in a mess!!

There are so much to do at home, and if you come to my house, don't be surprise to see my whole house full of rubbish (strands of tissue papers from my girl's cooking and eraser rubs).

I actually planned to clean the floor today, since hubby is washing the car, but too bad, we did not manage to get rid of our girl (to nanny I mean).

Sigh...what a weekend....

Out from committee of SL Buddhist Society

I was really lucky to be in the committee of the Sg.Long Buddhist Society for the past one year ever since I started running the playgroup for the center. How time flies.

This March 20, we are going to have our AGM again. Alas, I won't be able to make it to this meeting as we are going to travel to Kuantan, for a short vacation.

Anyhow, I have decided to pull myself out from the committee, for the time being, since I would be tied up with my new babies, after delivery in June.

Hope I would be able to serve the society again, in future.

Playgroup temporary stopped

Notice I hardly update anything about my playgroup?

Due to the recent holiday and festive seasons, most of the parents could not make it since there are so much preparation to make for the festive season. Most are either busy shopping or doing spring cleaning at home. Therefore we postponed our playgroup for the time being until March.

Will update more about the child's play soon.

Failed on submission

It is not easy to grab opps online now and these few days I am lucky to get some of them. However there is one opp which I failed to submit until now, which is going to expire in another few minutes. I have checked several times, making sure the link is ok, and even tried making a few different postings, but all failed.

Now I only have to wait for it to expire and let the money flies away...*sob sob*

Friday, February 22, 2008

A busy week

I am tired, really tired.

Since we came back from Kuantan last weekend, I still do not have the opportunity to mop the floor. It was the last week of Chinese New Year so me and some friends took the opportunity to do some last minute home visits.

Furthermore, my girl's preschool has got some celebration too, for the parents to join in.

I hope my life will be more organised and stable after next week. Sorry if I haven't been able to catch up with you. Will do, very soon...

4 yr still sleeping in parents room

Are you kids still sleeping with you in the same room at the moment?

My girl still does. And now, she is going to be four this year. We are still worried to put her alone in another room. Perhaps we feel that she is a girl and still need some protection since the security isn't very good here.

But on the other hand, we feel that it is really inconvenient for her to stay in the same room now (get what I mean?)

If only we can have an attached room for have curtain closed up, hehe...

I got them

Finally I secured some :)

I went out a few minutes just to fetch my girl back from school. Upon reaching home, I tried to click again on my pc, and to my amazement, I see some opps appearing again on my screen. Without any hesitation, I quickly clicked on it, and YES, this time, they are mine!!!!!

***Thank you for YOUR kindness, for the abundance and help***

Today is Friday

My girl again asked me this morning, if she needs to go to school today.

Thank goodness it is already Friday, so I told her its the last day of school and tomorrow will be a holiday for her, her working father and also her teachers.

I hope she will have a smooth progress on this coming Sunday, when she has to go to school the next day again!

Quirky and Unimportant things about me!

Got this tag from dear Trinity, she wants to know "Quirky and Unimportant things about me!"

Well, see how many I can find:

1. I hate sports. Dono why, I can never do well in sports, and always be the last in running.

2. I am a quick person, sometimes can be pretty clumsy too (thats what my mom and hubby always complain about me)

3. Hot-tempered also...haha...quick moving people can't really be patient, can they?

4. I love to cook and bake (dono where this interest comes from as my mum hardly cooks, what's more baking!

5. I love to sleep and take long hours nap. You may be surprise to find that 3 hours napping is normal for me!

More details about me.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Opps coming out again!

It is releasing some opps again today, I mean my favourite advertiser!!

That means at least I could get some earning this month, although still very far from my targeted monthly income.

It has been so dry these days, and during the CNY, I hardly got time to sit down in front of the computer since we are travelling most of the time. When we reached each destination, I was too tired to visit home with internet so I only sleep most of the time.

I am expecting it will be lower later on, when I am left with no more energy to spend my time writing after managing the household and a naughty girl at home.

Please forgive me if I have not visited your blog, give me sometime, I'll do it very soon again.

Money does help make life easier, huh!

It has been long since I got online assignments. I was just complaining to hubby that my online earning is getting lower and lower each month. Furthermore, there isn't much opportunity online for us to write since it is the holiday season.

I was hoping to earn some money to cover the extra huge expenses for the Confinement Lady, CL, and the hiring of maid. Knowing it is gonna be my last time to do confinement, I should be enjoying and not stressing myself like that.

Futhermore, I am going to have 2 new babies, 2!!!! Oh, I really need an extra pair of hands this time!!!!

The last day of PLAY

After school, we took the opportunity to visit some of our friend Cheng Sim's house who is only nearby my girl's school. It was fun for the kids to play with their peers. After that, Audrey and her sons came over to my house for a while so the kids can continue to play.

QQ really love playing with her elder son since they are in the same year and same school too. Do visit for more photos soon.

Chap Goh Mei Celebration in Pre-school

This morning there is a Chap Goh Mei celebration in my girl's pre-school. All parents are invited to attend this little party and there are some small performance by the little children. My girl were in tears since I was there with her (manja la, i think), sigh....

At least she looked forward to school this morning as compare to the previous day. Smart idea to attract parents and kids to school yeah!!

Chap Goh Mei

It's gonna be the last day....*sob sob*....after all the cleaning, hard work and preparation I did for the celebration. Nevertheless we had so much fun this time since our girl is older now and join in the fun.

Wishing all of you out there a very **Happy Chap Goh Mei **

Will just have to wait another 365 days for the next celebration next year. And it is going to be an exciting one with another 2 more babies in our family.....phiew....!!!

Love and Choc from my sweet heart

My girl created this in school on 14th Feb, 2008 for us, with the help from her class teacher in school. Paying $270 per month, this school really got many ideas how to make the parents happy yeah...!!

Of course, it really makes me and hubby happy. When I went to picked up my girl from school, she entered the car by saying, "Mummy, Daddy, I love you" sweet la......

When her father came back, she gave us both eat the sweet!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Before the CNY ends (14th Lunar 2008)

After sending my girl to school this morning, me and a few mothers from our playgroup gathered the whole morning today. Besides catching up with each other, we also manage to take this opportunity to visit each other before the CNY ends. Let me take a rest first and will update later.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Daughters bring more luck than sons

How is your Chinese New Year celebration this year?

For me it is a tiring one, as if there are many obstacles to go through recently. I am very lucky to have such a big bunch of friends who always standby and reach out to help whenever I needed them.

In this pregnancy we weren't that lucky as compare when I pregnant with my girl. Hubby suspected both of them boys, and Chinese always believe daughters would bring more luck than boys especially when the baby is still in the womb.

Not sure how true it is, but surely I saw lots of rich people who has lots of daughters instead of son. Do you really believe in such thing?

Calling to Indonesia

I need a maid desperately with the twins, and I was hoping to get either my SIL's ex-maid, Bakriah or MIL's ex-maid, Yarti. We love both of them and we can really trust them at home with everything. So I took the initiative to call them up using the Call Center VoIP Phone Systems for a cheaper rates.

Yarti was a 30plus woman with one kid. She came from quite a well-to-do home and because she had to pay for the heavy hospital bills of her father, they sold their plantation land away. In order to get them back, she came here to work and took care of my dying MIL 3 years back. She was a very hardworking lady, with not much of complain. Every home she visit to, she will take the initiative to do whatever a maid needed to do. We were really lucky to get her but we sent her back after my MIL passed away as no one needed a maid.

Bakriah was with my SIL for the past 8 years. She brought up all the kids and even helped out at their bakery with their business. They trusted her so much that she even handled the account of the outlet. But since all the kids were grown up, she went back last year, only to find her hubby had married another. Initially she wanted to come to work again, but unfortunately, her home has been strike by the tsunami recently. I do still hope she would change her mind one day, and come back here again.

Unable to get help for confinement

Just spoke to a few confinement ladies recomended by some good friends of mine. Since my babies will be due anytime in June, it is such a last minute booking that almost all recomended confinement ladies are fully booked by now. Even my ex-CL is going to Singapore and won't be back so soon.

Initially I thought my hubby will convince her sis to come down to help, but seems like there is a slim chance she would not leave her dog alone for weeks. Just hope it is going to work out last minute, sigh....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Which maid to get?

Oh dear, just got a piece of news from my SIL. Her ex-maid, whom I have been hoping to get her over to help me with the twins, will not be able to make it this time. Her home in Indonesia has just been swept cleaned by the tsunami and now she is still living in some other's house, taking care of her 2 old parents.

Which means I would either have to get my friend's maid's mum over (who wish to look for more money) or a new maid from the maid agency. After hearing so much horror stories from Shireen and Elaine, I wonder if I can really live with such nonsense in my house.

Am really lose and don't know what to do now :(

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Plan on 2008 Valentine's Day

Love is in the air!!

For once a year, we get to celebrate Valentine’s Day again. Hubby just called just now asking if I want to dine outside (of course not so romantic as it used to be since our little toddler will tag along).

I have initially plan some simple meals at home (to save money la), but going out to dine and kepochi around seems to be a good idea. Coincidently today is also a Hokkien New Year where a lot of explosion from the Red fire crackers would be seen and heard.

Would be nice to join in the fun outside (as long as not repeating some mistake made by Edison Chen, Bobo Chan, Cecelia Cheung, Gillian Chung, Maggie Q, Joey Yung, Jolin Tsai, Rachel Chan, Vincy Cheung and dono who else on this romantic night!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Identical or Fraternal Twins?

I am reading a lot about twins since I wish to learn how this pregnancy happens with no inheridity of twins genes from both my families and hubby's families.

When my gynae told me there are 2 sacs to be seen, this is what I found from the internet.

Please excuse me for my scribbling

The above illustration is what I understand about the types of twins. I thank God for giving my baby to separate sacs (if you can understand the danger of just having one sac in twin pregnancy).

Until now, we still can't tell if this pregnancy is identical or fraternal. As long as the babies all in good condition, I couldn't hope for more.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Our 1st day of 08' CNY

Finally it is the 1st Day of Chinese New Year. How time flies....

We did not go visiting anywhere today but only stay at home and sleep. We only went to Hyatt Kuantan to see the lion dance this morning and then came back to sleep since the weather is so windy and hot this afternoon. QQ at least have lots of cousins to come over and play with her so she could leave me alone to rest, haha.....!

Travel with kids

It is not easy to travel with kids especially for us who's family lives so far away. Each time we travel, we surely have to pack a lot of things and fill our car with junks. Either they are junks to bring back home or junks to bring up from my hometown. I can't really imagine how travelling is like when I have another 2 little kids coming later.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Back for CNY

We wake up very early this morning to get everything done before we go back to our hometown for Chinese New Year. This year, we would go back to hubby's hometown first (for our New Year eve reunion dinner) and then only back to my hometown on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year.

For almost one week, I might not be able to access to the internet. Let me take this opportunity and wish all

A very Happy and Prosperous 2008 New Year!

Turning into 17 weeks

My belly is getting heavier and I feel that as if my belly skin is tearing apart especially when I am walking. It is only the 4th month of my pregnancy and although there are still many months to grow, it surely feels heavy now.

Am now getting anxious to know if I am carrying boys and girls (or both) since the weight is really killing me. Hubby's family has got heavy and big bones and wonder if my babies are inheriting them too :(

Friday, February 01, 2008

Who is it that has changed?

It is pretty annoying when hubby comes back complaining about this and that. I somehow feel that he has beginning not able to understand the difficulty of my role as a full time mother or is it me that has changed tremendously?

I better go finish this quick before he complains again. girl really behaves wild now whenever his father is at home. If only she can behaves like her usual self, I would have less trouble with my irritating hubby.

Cry all you want :)

My girl now loves to whine ever since I got pregnant, and now she make it worse by making the whole session even longer.

Initially I was very disturbed with her sudden behaviour change, but now I choose to close my ears.

I finally learned that nothing can actually stop her, not my cane (hanger) or shouts. Best way is just to ignore her to let her cry all she wants. Once she is tired, she would compromise with me, and give up on crying :)

2nd Trimester: 17th Weeks

It has been so long since I update on my pregnancy.

I have entered the 17th week now, and I do really feel big and bloated. Although nausea has decreased a lot, I feel easily tired by the movement and even have to walk like a duck in order to balance myself.

Really can't imagine what it would like to enter my 3rd trimester. Anything can easily be tolerated, but I guess not the discomfort of my huge tummy!